New Mexico Man May Have Killed Librarian, Lived With Corpse, Held Yard Sale

Robert Mondrian-Powell, aka Robert Boykin, is being sought as a person of interest the death of Elvira Segura, 67, a retired Santa Fe librarian. He is also believed to have possibly remained for weeks in the home they shared as her body rotted inside a bathroom.

Authorities found Segura’s remains in her residence on September 27, during a welfare check. Three days earlier, a car registered to Segura was found abandoned with its keys inside and windows down. One eyewitness described an older man with a stocky build and a hat walking away from the vehicle.

Upon arriving at Segura’s home, police smelled decomposition and could hear flies. After a search warrant was issued, officers discovered Segura’s body in a bathroom. Additionally, a dead dog lay inside a bedroom. A trail of what was suspected to be blood ran from the kitchen to an attached greenhouse.

At least two neighbors say they heard gunshots late one night approximately three weeks before. Locals also told officers that the woman had shared the home with an older, stocky man they knew only as “Bob” — and that he usually wore a hat. Mail found at the home was addressed to a Robert Boykin.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported that Robert Boykin legally changed his surname to Mondrian-Powell in 2010. He does have a police record under the name Robert Boykin.

Additionally, neighbors said that Bob had held a yard sale during the week of September 11. Nobody had seen Elvira Segura around for a month or so prior. Police now believe that Bob’s yard sale may very well have happened while Segura’s body was concurrently decomposing in that bathroom.

If you have any information on Robert Mondrian-Powell/Robert Boykin or what happened in this case, please contact the Las Cruces office of the New Mexico State Police at (575) 382-2500.

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Main photo: Robert Mondrian-Powell/Robert Boykin [New Mexico State Police Facebook page]



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