Woman Found Carrying Human Skull On Stick, Leads Cops To Human Remains

Photo: Fox

As Halloween approaches, one might not give a second look to a woman parading down the street with a skull on a stick — except when it’s a real human skull. But this wasn’t a Halloween costume and she wasn’t trick-or-treating.

According to Fox 40, Sacramento, California, Police Sergeant Bryce Heinlein said there was a call to authorities about a homeless woman known as Victoria walking around with the human remains. Heinlein said his officers responded to investigate and saw the woman and followed her to an abandoned homeless encampment. There they found a decomposing human body.

A neighbor, identified only as Philip, who owns a home nearby, told Fox 40 that Victoria has lived there for years. He pointed out the area where the remains were found – only a few feet from Victoria’s belongings, the report notes.

Philip said he had noticed a stench, but thought it was a dead cat. “I went back there and thought, “Damn! What the hell is that smell?’ It make me stick to my stomach, so I turned my ass around and came back here.”

At this point the identity of the remains is unclear, as even the sex or any other distinguishing characteristics cannot be determined. It’s also not known yet if there has been any foul play. An investigation is underway.

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