Pennsylvania Man Beats Roommate To Death On Halloween During Argument Over Beer

Justin Vankirk [Photo: Allegheny County Police]

These are the crimes stories making headlines today, November 4, 2016…

  • A Pennsylvania man is in jail after police say he beat his roommate to death during an argument over beer. Allegheny County Police said they are charging Justin Vankirk, 34, in connection with the death of his roommate Charles Parker on Halloween night. When investigators searched Vankirk’s cell phone, they reportedly found a photo of the victim lying on the dining room floor — a day before Vankirk called police to report his death. Police say that Vankirk confessed that he became upset that Parker allegedly stole beer from him, and hit him several times before going to bed. [CBS News]
Charquell Judge [Photo: NYS Department of Corrections]

Charquell Judge [New York State Department of Corrections]

  • A Syracuse, New York, man has been sentenced to 23 years behind bars for killing a man following a gun battle that started over a stranger singing a rap song. The incident took place on New Year’s Day 2015 when a man began playfully singing and another group took offense. Prosecutors say that Charquell Judge, 23, fired the fatal shot that killed the singing man’s stepbrother, 23-year-old Kendell Williams. The singing man, Stephen Grimes, 20, pleaded guilty to possessing an illegal weapon in the shootout. He is expected to be sentenced to two years in prison after cooperating with authorities. []
  • Police in Shenzhen, China, have reinstated a controversial punishment for drivers who improperly use their high beams at night, and will force offenders to stare straight into the lights for a full minute. The Shenzhen police official account warned motorists that those caught driving with their brights on illegally would also be fined 300 yuan, lose points on their license, and be made to recite regulations on the proper use of headlights. [Shanghaiist]
A gateway in Acacia Cemetery erected by a synagogue [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

A gateway in Acacia Cemetery [Wikimedia Commons]

  • Authorities are searching for the suspects who stole the remains of two people who died nearly 90 years ago from a Queens, New York, cemetery Halloween night. The human remains were stolen from the Acacia Cemetery sometime after 4 P.M. on Monday, when the suspects broke into a mausoleum and stole two sets of remains, which have been identified as Lewis Hambro, born in 1865, and Marilan Hollan, born in 1900. Both died in 1928. Eight other crypts sustained damage due to the fact that they were moved, according to police. So far, no arrests have been made. [WREG]
  • A drunken 63-year-old Russian man allegedly murdered and dismembered his friend over an insult to his accordion skills. Local police said the man attacked his 66-year-old friend during a drunken argument. The perpetrator beat his friend in the head and legs, later finishing him off by smashing him with a sledgehammer. Later, he allegedly dismembered the body and smuggled out pieces in trash and suitcases. Police arrested the perpetrator in a village near the city of Cheboksary, where he confessed to the murder after several hours of resisting arrest with a pitchfork. [Daily Caller]
  • Transgender Muslim woman Raina Aliev was killed in Russia just days after marrying her husband Viktor. The complete circumstances of her death are unclear, but the horrific incident allegedly took place after Raina Aliev’s father, Alimshaikh Aliev, called for his daughter’s execution while repeatedly misgendering her in an announcement to a Russian TV station. Although the exact motivation behind Aliev’s death is still under investigation, U.K. media have reported that Aliev’s body was hacked into pieces. []

Michael Cuevas [Photo: TK]

Michael Cuevas [Hancock County Sheriff’s Department]

  • A Mississippi man is accused of biting off a piece of another man’s ear during a fight and bragging about it on Twitter. Police in Hancock County arrested Michael Cuevas, 21, Thursday on an aggravated-assault charge. Authorities began investigating after a man went to a hospital September 25 with part of his ear missing and told deputies a man bit his ear during a fight at a bar in Kiln. During their investigation, detectives discovered someone had posted a tweet, bragging about biting a man’s ear off during a fight. Detectives traced the tweet to Cuevas, who was identified in a lineup. [WPTV]
  • A Facebook predator in the U.K. who had sex with two 14-year-old girls has been jailed for 10 years. Prosecutors allege that Daniel Thomas, 24, from Llandrindod Wells in Wales, got in touch with the two 14-year-old girls on the social-media site and pressured them into sending naked selfies. Cardiff Crown Court heard he then went on to have sex with the schoolgirls despite a formal warning from police to stay away. Prosecutors said that one victim’s mother tried to stop contact between them, but the girl still became pregnant with his baby and later had an abortion. []

Main photo: Justin Vankirk [Allegheny County Police]



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