Yoga Expert Charged With Killing Her Twin Sister By Driving Off A Cliff In Hawaii

These are the crime stories making headlines today, November 14, 2016 …

  • A woman who was accused of killing her twin sister by driving their vehicle off a Hawaii cliff in May has been arrested in New York and charged with second-degree murder. Alexandria Duval, 38, was arrested Friday at her Albany home. The Maui Police Department issued a warrant for Duval’s arrest after new evidence emerged in the case. Maui authorities said Alexandria was driving a Ford Explorer on Hana Highway on May 29 with her sister Anastasia in the passenger seat when the SUV crashed and plunged about 200 feet onto a rocky shoreline. Witnesses reportedly saw the sisters fighting over the steering wheel right before the crash. [ABC News]

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      • Stanislaus Sheriff's Deputy David Wallace [Photo: Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department]

        Stanislaus Sheriff’s Deputy David Wallace [Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department]

        A suspect who police say shot a California deputy to death has been taken into custody following a manhunt. Stanislaus Sheriff’s Deputy David Wallace, 53, was killed on November 13, according to authorities. Police described the killing of Wallace, a 20-year veteran of the force, as an “execution.” The suspect, identified as David Machado, 37, was captured 150 miles south of where the killing occurred. Wallace was reportedly investigating a suspicious vehicle at a park in Hughson at 8:24 A.M. when Machado shot him. Machado, who was wanted on a felony warrant, fled and carjacked someone for a white 2009 Kia, authorities said. [NBC News]
      • A New York City anti-bullying activist was arrested for shoving a 74-year-old man to the ground during an argument about the 2016 election on Monday night. Shacara McLaurin, 23, had just performed with the Harlem Gospel Choir and was walking to the subway when she got into an argument with a man at the corner of West 55th Street and Fifth Avenue about 10:45 P.M., police said. McLaurin told her attorney the elderly man used racial slurs to insult what he presumed was her support for Hillary Clinton. McLaurin, who met the president-elect when she performed on a 2015 episode of Saturday Night Live that he hosted, shoved the man to the ground, giving him a cut to the back of his head and “substantial pain,” an NYPD spokesman said. [DNA Info]
      • Members of a phony ID ring in Georgia lived high on the hog by selling lines of credit to hookers and strippers, who used the dough for breast implants and other implant surgeries, officials said. Ring members Vanessa Williams, Sean Blow, and Edrell Smith, who are all from Duluth, were arrested Wednesday for their alleged involvement in a financial scheme in which they bought IDs from prison inmates and created phony identities to obtain lines of credit. A detective from Gwinnett County Police estimated that the scheme had made at least $100.000. [New York Post]
      • Jeremy Arrington [Photo: Newark Public Safety]

        Jeremy Arrington [Newark Dept. of Public Safety]

        A man who stabbed three people to death and knifed three others in Newark, New Jersey, on Saturday because he was allegedly angry about a Facebook post, pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder on Thursday. Jeremy Arrington, 26, allegedly killed Aerial Little Whitehurst, 8; her brother Al-Jahon Whitehurst, 11; and 23-year-old college student Syasia McBorroughs. Police say Arrington might have been angry that one of the victims had reposted a Facebook alert from police naming him as a suspect in a shooting and sexual assault last month. [Yahoo News]
      • A jury in Canada has acquitted a New Brunswick pet-shop owner whose python asphyxiated two young boys in 2013. The 14-foot African rock python slithered through a ventilation duct to reach the brothers, who were staying overnight at a friend’s apartment located above the shop. Prosecutors said Jean-Claude Savoie had shown reckless disregard for the safety of Noah Barthe, 4; and Connor, 6. But the jury found that Savoie could not have anticipated that the snake could fit through the 10cm-wide pipe. An autopsy found that the boys died of asphyxiation. The snake has been put down.  [BBC]
      • Police have arrested a man for keeping a woman in his Bronx apartment for three months and threatening to kill her if she left. The 36-year-old victim told cops that Richard Rosa, also 36, has kept her against her will in the apartment on East 199th Street near Decatur Avenue in Bedford Park since early August. When she tried to escape, she told police Rosa would threaten her with a gun or knife. Rosa was arrested on Friday and charged with kidnapping in the first degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, menacing in the first degree, unlawful imprisonment in the first degree, criminal possession of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, and unlawful possession of marijuana. [New York Post]
      • San Francisco police are searching for five suspects who allegedly killed a man on a remote property off North U.S.  Highway 101. The victim was identified as Jeffrey Quinn Settler, 35, and authorities say he was allegedly growing marijuana for sale. Deputies said the killing happened early Thursday morning when suspects who Settler had hired as marijuana trimmers tried to steal drugs. They then assaulted Settler, and he died. Deputies said they believe the suspects may be fleeing to Southern California or out of the state, possibly in a blue 2017 four-door Volkswagen Golf with Virginia license plate VHR5611. [MSN]

Main photo: Alexandria Duval [Maui Police Department]



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