Mystery Homeless Woman Found In Rome Is Missing Swedish Student

These are the crimes making headlines today, November 22, 2016 …

  • An English-speaking homeless woman found on the streets of Rome has been identified as a 21-year-old Swedish student with Asperger’s Syndrome who has been missing for six months. Mystery surrounded the young blonde woman who told police her name was Maria and that she was British after she was seen sleeping in a public plaza in Rome. But MailOnline reports that her name is Embla Jauhojärvi, and that she went missing from her home in Stockholm, Sweden, in May. Various online sleuths had suggested that she could be any of several different missing girls, including Madeleine McCann, the British toddler who vanished on holiday with her family under mysterious circumstances in Portugal in 2007. Her father Tahvo, 54, said he is waiting for Embla to be relocated before he flies to Italy for a reunion. []

  • Aloysius Mack, a 92-year-old who has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having dementia, has detailed his experience with love scammer Sophie Miller. According to the Cook County Public guardian, Miller targeted Mack due to his disabilities. Last March, Miller brought Mack to Chicago City Hall to get married and then dropped him off alone at his home before allegedly getting her new husband to pay $80,000 for a now-shuttered laundromat business. Mack allegedly also bought her a $40,000 van and put her on his bank accounts totaling about $335,000. Miller also reportedly persuaded Mack to change his will so that she would inherit his home in northeastern Illinois, valued at $260,000. [MSN]
  • A 28-count indictment has been handed down against two Rochester men who were swept over a 70-foot waterfall, causing two children to accidentally drown. Prosecutors say Tyler Jennings, 34, and Chad Staley, 32, visited Letchworth State Park with five children in June. The men are facing charges off two counts of manslaughter, two counts of criminally negligent homicide, and 10 counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Prosecutors say the seven of them entered a restricted area of the park and, after battling a strong current, Dylan Giangregorio, 9, and Preston Giangregorio, 6, were killed. The two men, and the other children, whose ages ranged from five to 12, suffered nonlife threatening injuries. [WIVB]
  • A day-care owner hanged a 16-month-old boy at her Minneapolis home Friday, then fled through the city in her minivan and struck several pedestrians. Police said Nataliia Karia, 42, who owns Uptown Daycare, was in a hospital for unspecified treatment, and will be charged. The child was rescued by a parent who arrived to drop off her own child and saw the boy dangling unattended. [Washington Post]
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    Race Cox [Carter County Sheriff’s Office]

  • An 11-year-old girl from Oklahoma got a shock when she found a wanted man hiding in her bedroom closet. Presley Brown said that she was playing at her home in Ardmore when she saw Race Cox’s reflection in the mirror. The 26-year-old man, who was wanted on two felony warrants, emerged and said, “Don’t be scared, little girl.” After stealing the girl’s birthday money and getting into an altercation with her father, Cox fled the scene, and police picked him up on a nearby street the following morning. They arrested him on the outstanding warrants, plus two more charges of burglary and escape from arrest. [The Huffington Post]
  • Police in Manhattan are investigating an attack against a 61-year-old white man who was called an “(expletive) white cracker” before he was jumped at around 6:30 P.M. on Friday. Police say the victim and his companion, a 54-year-old woman, were on West End Avenue near W. 77th Street when his assailants, who were black, approached. One of the men struck his victim in the face with a skateboard, and then the suspects ran away with the victim’s leather coat. The coat was recovered a few blocks away. Police say they are investigating the case as a hate crime. [New York Daily News]

      • Authorities have freed a South Carolina man who served 39 years in prison for a murder that police officers say he did not commit. James Robert McClurkin, 61, left Broad River Prison on Thursday after police and prosecutors said he did not kill 74-year-old Claude Killian of Chester in August 1973. “I have been trying for 39 years … to try and get someone, anybody, to believe me,” McClurkin said. “I am out now, paroled. I am a free man. But that is not the end. I am still convicted. I want to be exonerated. I did not kill Claude Killian.” McClurkin and Ray Charles Degraffenreid were convicted of Killian’s murder in 1977. The evidence against them was the word of a codefendant, Melvin Harris. The three had been friends since childhood. [Yahoo News]
      • The decapitated bodies and heads of nine men that showed “visible signs of torture” were found dumped on a Mexican roadside in the southern state of Guerrero on Sunday night, authorities say. This brings the total number of bodies found over the weekend in the state to 14. Police say that two drug cartels that operate in the area use extreme violence when they fight. Some of the bodies had been dumped with their hands and feet bound, while others were hacked up and placed in plastic bags. [Chicago Tribune]

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