“I Ate Something Bad” — Current Cannibals In The News

Cannibalism is one of humanity’s ultimate taboos, so when it gets officially reported and discussed in the news, the world tends to stop, take notice, and reach for something to combat nausea. “Frat Boy Cannibal” Austin Harrouff has made headlines once again, but he’s not the only manmeat-eater in the news recently.

Florida Teen Kills Couple, Bites Dead Off Man’s Face, Says: “I Ate Something Bad”

College student Austin Harrouff, 19, of West Palm Beach, Florida, has been charged with the murder of John Stevens, 59, and his wife, Michelle Mischon, 53, outside their home.

Deputies pulled Harrouff off of Stevens’s body as the young man was in his underpants, making animal noises, and biting the victim’s face before begging, “Shoot me, I deserve to die!”

Harrouff was also said to be chewing on a piece of flesh and, upon spitting it out, said, “Help me, I ate something bad!” When asked what it was, Harrouff answered, chillingly: “Humans!”

Harrouff has been charged with first-degree murder. The motive for his attack is still unknown. Media outlets have nicknamed him the “Frat Boy Cannibal.” [New York Post]

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Teen Talks About Surviving Attack by the “Cannibal Rapist”

On June 5, 2012, John Hinton, then 23, went on a one-night rampage in Peterborough, England, in which he savagely raped a 15-year-old girl and attacked and attempted to rape two other teenagers.

After his arrest, Hinton’s diary was revealed to contain descriptions of sexual torture and murder fantasies, along with lines such as “I am the devil” and “I want to kill and eat someone.” As a result, Hinton came to be known as the “cannibal rapist.”

Abi Color, who was 18 at the time, narrowly escaped Hinton’s rage when he tackled her, beat her, and attempted to sexually violate her. Fortunately, Color’s screams attracted passersby who rushed to help.

Now 22, Color says in a new interview that she attempted suicide six months after the attack and felt as though she had to move away from Peterborough when others “blamed” her for being victimized.

However, Abi Color reports now that she is standing strong, telling the Daily Mail, “That cannibal rapist really was the devil, he wasn’t wrong about that. But, I won’t let him break me.” [Daily Mail]

Verdict Overturned for German Ex-Cop Who Killed Date He Met on Cannibal Site

Last year, a German Federal Court convicted former police officer Detlev Günzel, 58, for the 2013 murder of Wojciech Stempniewicz, 59. The two men met on a website dedicated to cannibal fetishism billed as “the #1 site for exotic meat.”

During the trial, prosecutors played a video of Günzel that depicted him in his underwear, chopping up Stempniewicz’s corpse while pop music plays in the background.

The court found that Günzel killed Stempniewicz in the ex-cop’s basement BDSM torture chamber, then buried the victim’s dismembered body parts in a backyard garden. Günzel was sentenced to eight and a half years, less than the minimum of 15, because the defense team proved that Stempniewicz acutally wanted to die.

The verdict has now been overturned, though, as defense lawyers successfully argued on appeal that the notion that Stempniewicz strangled himself to death needs to be further investigated. Günzel will receive a new trial. [International Business Times]

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Museum of Colorado Prisons Hosts “Cannibal Buffet”

At a benefit dinner for the Museum of Colorado Prisons, about 120 guests enjoyed a “cannibal buffet” that consisted of, among other treats, “elbow macaroni salad, eyeball meatballs … and lady fingers for dessert.”

The inspiration for the Halloween-season fundraiser came from Alferd Packer, one of America’s most notorious cannibals, who spent 15 years in the Colorado State Penitentiary for murder after eating his traveling companions to survive a winter storm in 1874.

An Alferd Packer imitator even walked around posing for photos and sizing up the nutritional value and approximate tastiness of the visitors.

Museum Director Stacey Cline said, “One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go to support the museum.” [Canon City Daily Record]

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Venezeula Investigates Prison Cannibal Murders

Earlier this month, Venezuela resident Juan Carlos Herrera grabbed international attention after claiming his 25-year-old son, Juan Carlos Herrera, Jr., was murdered, butchered, and eaten by a self-confessed cannibal and other inmates during a month-long prison uprising.

The victims’s family members allege that serial killer and cannibal Dorangel Vargas, known to Venezuelans as “People-Eater,” dismembered the bodies, then “cooked the flesh and gave it to the rest of the inmates with rice.”

Venezuelan authorities have gotten involved, confirming two deaths but not the specific details. Six policemen have been accused of helping prisoners during the rebellion.

Congressmen Franklyn Duarte said he has a video and other evidence proving the cannibalism. Prisons Minister Iris Varela said, “The criminal investigation bodies must say what happened, based on scientific proof.” [Reuters]

Main photo: Austin Harouff [Martin County Sheriff’s Office]



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