NYPD’s “Cannibal Cop” Who Wanted To Cook, Eat “Girl Meat” For Thanksgiving

Gilberto Valle, the infamous NYPD officer dubbed the “Cannibal Cop” after he was accused of planning to abduct, torture, and cook a list of at least 100 women, wrote on a fetish website that he planned to “cook up some girl meat” on Thanksgiving.

In 2012, Valle’s fetish for human flesh was uncovered by his wife, Kathleen Mangan-Valle, when she installed spyware on his computer in order to monitor his activity. She suspected an affair, but was horrified to instead find images including a hog-tied woman with an apple in her mouth and a search history that allegedly contained topics like  “human meat recipes,” “how to cook a girl,” and “huge cooking tray.”

She turned the computer over to the authorities, and the FBI found files that included women’s names, addresses, and photos.

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After a controversial court case, in March 2013, he was convicted of kidnapping conspiracy, partly due to the fact that he described real people as potential victims. Valle spent 21 months in prison where he, ironically, was put on kitchen duty. In July 2014, a judge overturned Valle’s conviction, saying it was fantasy role-play. A federal appeals court upheld the acquittal, and today, he’s a free man.

Valle, now 32, spoke out recently about his life since his arrest, and said that prior to the case becoming public he had never told anyone his dark fantasies. He also commented on the appeal of fetish sites he used, such as DarkFetish.net.

They have a picture of a beautiful woman laid out on a platter that I found attractive, but as far as actually cutting her up, you know, none of that stuff ever, the blood stuff never appealed to me,” Valle told WCBS-TV.

Valle claims that he is the least violent person you’ll ever meet, and that his outrageous comments about cooking people and his username — “The chef” — were part of an elaborate role-play that he never intended to re-create in reality.

Valle’s wife divorced him, and he hasn’t seen his daughter, who is now four, since his arrest.

I wish I wasn’t known this way. I wish I never went through this. I wish I still had my wife and daughter with me. I wish I was still a police officer. I miss that stuff every day,” Valle said.

But Valle’s love life appears to be getting back on track. He told the New York Post that he’s become somewhat of a hot dish in the dating world, and that around 50 women have reached out to express their sympathy with his story since the arrest. He took one lady friend to brunch in Chinatown.

Inspired by his lawyer, Valle took the LSATs and is debating a career in law or even trying to get reinstated in the NYPD. He is also reportedly writing a book about his experience.

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  • Carolyn Lee

    sick ,sick ,sick man when he does do it I hope its a family member of the judge hat let him out ,stars forbid him being so disgusting ,but anyone with half a brain knows someday the fantasy will blend in with reality

    • Cornelia Bunch-Pearson

      Exactly!! At some point, fantasy won’t be enough & by THAT time it will be too freakin LATE, smh.

  • Dawn Moore

    I find this story so disturbing, I mean this was a cop a protector and safety what this story say’s he was a greater risk to the vonerable, was there any missing person he didn’t find?