“Ken and Barbie” Serial Killer Paul Bernardo’s Parole Hearing Set For March

These are the crime stories making headlines today, November 2, 2016 …

  • A day-parole hearing for Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo has been tentatively set for March 2017. Although Bernardo has been designated a dangerous offender, he became eligible for day parole after serving 22 years behind bars. In 1993, Bernardo and his then-wife Karla Homolka were arrested and charged in connection with the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Leslie Mahaffy, 14, and Kristen French, 15. The couple, nicknamed the “Ken and Barbie killers” by media outlets, also drugged and raped Homolka’s 15-year-old sister Tammy, who died following the assault. In 2005, Homolka was controversially released after negotiating a plea bargain and testifying against Bernardo in exchange for a 12-year sentence. She is reportedly married with children and living in Quebec. [City News]

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Jacob Roemer [Photo: Marquette County Sheriff’s Office]

Jacob Roemer [Marquette County Sheriff’s Office]

  • The Michigan man who police say broke into a home and then hit a tree and knocked himself out early Saturday morning has been charged with three felony counts, including first-degree home invasion. Jacob Roemer, 20, allegedly broke into a residence on Longyear Drive, and then fled on foot after the homeowner confronted him. But while running from police, he ran into a tree and knocked himself unconscious. A State Police K-9 unit found the suspect laying on the ground, and he was arrested for home invasion. According to officials, the suspect will be arraigned on November 22. [ABC 10]
Brock Turner Mugshot

Brock Turner [Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department]

  • The young woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner after a party at Stanford while she was unconscious behind a dumpster in January 2015 has penned a moving essay in Glamour. Turner made headlines after being sentenced to only six months in jail — and serving only three — after being convicted of three felony sexual-assault charges in 2016. “I’m barely getting through this but I am being told I’m the lucky one, some sort of VIP,” the young survivor wrote. “It was like being checked into a hotel room for a year with stained sheets, rancid water, and a bucket with an attendant saying, ‘No this is great! Most rooms don’t even have a bucket’.” Celebrities and politicians have praised the survivor’s bravery following the attack, and the magazine’s editor-in-chief Cindi Leive has announced that the young woman has been named Glamour’s Woman of the Year. [The Huffington Post]
  • A man has been arrested after admitting that he was the culprit who left a giant pile of manure on the doorstep of Democratic Party officials in Warren County, Ohio, on Saturday morning. James Pinell, 34, said said he’s fed up with how government officials have not been working for the people. “It was the world’s cheapest advertising,” he wrote on Facebook. “We’re sick of politics. We’re sick of Washington. So I just, more or less, did what I felt.” Party chair Bethe Goldenfield hit back in her own Facebook post, writing: “I won’t be responding to anyone who thinks this is acceptable behavior. It is illegal!” [WLWT]
Dean Arce [Photo: Floyd County Police]

Dean Arce [Floyd County Police]

  • Police have arrested a man who they say operates a business out of Atlanta and uses a “date rape drug” to victimize people. Police said Dean Arce, 27, has been charged with rape following an investigation, and authorities say they are seeking information from the public due to the fact that they believe there may be more victims. Arce owns and operates Community Entertainment Solutions, LLC, a company that he bills as a media, marketing, and PR production firm. The company operates advertising for music festivals in Southeast Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, according to police. Arce has also been known to represent himself as a photographer. The Floyd County Police Department is asking that anyone with information concerning this investigation contact Investigator Amy Nails at (706) 314-0758. [CBS 46]
  • A Maryland nanny has been arrested and charged with the murder of an eight-month-old baby girl after she was allegedly caught on camera force-feeding the infant to death, police said. Enita Salubi of Glenarden, was found unresponsive in her home, and was rushed to a local hospital at around 4:10 P.M. on October 24, according to the Prince George’s County Police Department. Police say surveillance footage shows Enita’s nanny Oluremi Oyindasola, 66, force-feeding the child unsuccessfully twice. An autopsy has revealed Enita died of asphyxiation, and the medical examiner has ruled her death a homicide. Oyindasola was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree child abuse, police said. [New York Daily News]
British Airways 747-100 plane [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

British Airways 747-100 plane [Wikimedia Commons]

  • British Airways has suspended a pilot after pictures emerged of a man in stockings appearing to pleasure himself at the controls. Colin Glover, who has worked for the airline for 26 years, has denied that he is the person in the photos. The images believed to have taken on at least two different planes show the stocking-clad figure with his legs up on the steering controls. Other shots appear to show a man exposing himself in the toilets, and a pornographic magazine on the dashboard of the plane. A BA spokesman has told reporters that they are investigating the incident. [DailyMail.com]
  • The trial for the German couple who allegedly lured victims to their “horror house” and tortured them to death has begun. Police say that Wilfried W., 46, and his ex-wife Angelika, 47, enticed women to their home via lonely-hearts newspaper ads. Police began investigating in April, after the couple attempted to drive a 41-year-old woman named Suzanne F. back to her house. Suzanne later died at the Helios hospital, and her injuries — including bruising across her body, toenails that had been ripped from her toes, and rotting flesh around her upper buttocks, likely from having lain immobile in the same position for several weeks — raised suspicions. Police later discovered the body of 33-year-old Anika W., who responded to a dating advertisement in 2013 and was tortured by the couple until she eventually died in 2014. The couple put pieces of her body in their freezer. The trial is expected to continue through March 2017. [The Washington Post]

Main photo: Paul Bernardo mugshot [Kingston Penitentiary]

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