Male Prostitute Cut Off Bronx Man’s Penis, Says He Wanted To Eat It

NYPD officers discovered the “sexually mutilated” body of an unidentified 68-year-old Bronx man this past Saturday after the victim bled to death in his own bathtub. Specifically, due to his penis having been cut off.

Neighbors alerted police after noticing blood seeping from the victim’s apartment. Responders quickly closed in on and arrested nearby suspect Jerry Pagan, 32. Pagan is described as a “prostitute” and is believed to have provided sexual services to the dead man.

The motive in the attack is thought to be a dispute over an unpaid debt, possibly for sexual services.

Pagan reportedly told authorities he snipped the penis off with a pair of scissors, but police say they also found knives in the kitchen area. Pagan allegedly also said he wanted to “eat the penis.”

Pagan is being held on a charge of second-degree murder. He’s described as homeless and had been residing in the area.

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Main photo: Jerry Pagan [New York Daily News video/screenshot]

  • tom hodges

    How could the neighbors see seeping blood when he was in the bathtub. smh

    • The View

      water overflowed..logical