“Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein Allegedly Claws Boyfriend, Stabs With Scissors

New York, NY — The 76-year-old New York socialite famous for having $4 million worth of plastic surgery to look more like a cat has been accused of assaulting her boyfriend with a pair of scissors and gouging his face with her manicured nails.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, who the press has nicknamed “Catwoman” and “Bride of Wildenstein,” has been charged with felony assault after allegedly slashing Lloyd Klein, 49, who told police he was forced to push her into a closet to prevent another attack.

The couple are believed to have enjoyed a meal Tuesday evening before the wealthy divorcee accused him of spending too much time on social media. A source close to the couple told the Daily Mail that Lloyd was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention, so she screamed at him to get off the computer before picking up a wax candle and scalding his skin with hot wax.

She screamed at him to get off the computer, then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him,” the source said. She then allegedly threatened to kill him, and “went at his face with her nails, which are real and very sharp, before finally grabbing some scissors and stabbing them twice into his chest.”

Wildenstein and Klein, a fashion designer, have been dating since 2003, but the relationship is now reportedly over because Klein considers Wildenstein a “ticking time bomb” who is capable of “incredible rages.” Klein has reportedly left the luxurious apartment in Trump World Tower that the couple shared.

Following the altercation, the socialite reportedly called 911 herself, but when police arrived they saw the scratches on Klein’s chest and face. Wildenstein appeared in court facing charges of assault in the second degree and inflicting injuries with a weapon.

“Catwoman” has been a fixture on the New York social circuit since her marriage to Alec Wildenstein, who was part of a family of wealthy art dealers. She is also known for her love of going under the knife, and has reportedly spent more than $4 million on plastic surgery for a more feline appearance in order to please her ex-husband, who loved big cats. The couple divorced in 1999, and she received $2.5 billion in the settlement.

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  • Carolyn Lee

    well since its been obvious she is mentally challenged what did he expect a kitten ? and to think that she got that much money off a total weirdo hmm

  • FC1919

    That woman is an ugly cougar! She should have sued for her 4 million dollars back because she looks hideous! That is one cat who needs to be put down.
    Her boyfriend Lloyd Klein must have been hard up even if she did have lots of money.

  • Denise Rae Groce

    She looks a mess!