Prostitute Says Disgraced Long Island Police Chief Attended “Sex Parties” Near Gilgo Beach Crime Scenes

[Catherine Townsend/Investigation Discovery]

A prostitute has revealed that disgraced former Suffolk County police chief James Burke, who allegedly obstructed the FBI from investigating the unsolved Gilgo Beach murders, attended “sex parties” in the area near the crime scenes.

John Ray, lawyer for the family of murder victim Shannan Gilbert, said that the parties were held in Oak Beach and involved drugs and prostitution. He said he hopes to question Burke under oath.

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In addition, a prostitute who identified herself as “Lee Ann” claimed she had “rough sex” with Burke and saw him “grab a girl by her hair and drag her to the ground.”

This is the first time that there has been an actual connection made between former chief police Burke, Oak Beach, and prostitution,” Ray said at a press conference.

The bodies of eight women, a man, and a toddler have been found on or near Gilgo Beach since 1996.

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Main photo: Gilgo Beach sign [Catherine Townsend/Investigation Discovery]



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