Brand New Images Of Teen Jane Doe Released — Can You Identify This Murder Victim?

Jane Doe composite [Clark County Medical Examiner]

CLARK COUNTY, WA — An unsolved murder mystery has been looming over the community for nearly four decades. To this day, investigators have been unable to identify a teen Jane Doe who was found murdered in a wooded area.

Now, with help from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and a King County forensic anthropologist, a brand new computer-generated image is going out to the public. Authorities are hoping someone will recognize the image and they can finally put a name to the face. The image shows the face of a young girl, who may have had longer dark hair and clear skin. The computer-generated image also shows multiple angles of what her face may have looked like.

Jane Doe composite [Clark County Medical Examiner]

Jane Doe composite [Clark County Medical Examiner]

According to investigators, her body was found on February 24, 1980, near an area called Fly Creek. All investigators know is that a civilian in the area made the horrifying discovery. An Oregon Live reporter said he pressed investigators about more information about Fly Creek where the girl was located, but all authorities could say was it was “near” Fly Creek. The Longview Daily News said a Washington State forensic anthropologist believes the victim was between the ages of 13 to 18 when she was killed sometime in the 1970s.

Investigators said they are hoping someone remembers a missing family member, maybe an aunt or cousin who vanished. If someone thinks the Jane Doe could be their loved one, they have the ability to submit their own DNA now to see if any similarities exist with this teen.

Nikki Costa of the medical examiner’s office told Oregon Live they have had success in the past. In another unsolved Jane Doe case, the female’s half-siblings came forward and submitted their DNA into the system. The victim was identified as Martha Morrison. She had disappeared nearly four decades before she was identified.

If you know anything at all please contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office directly: (360) 397-2036.

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Main photo: Jane Doe composite [Clark County Medical Examiner]



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