Bronx Man Charged In Murder Of Former Teacher And Their 4-Year-Old Love Child

Police at the scene [NBC New York/screenshot]

THE BRONX, NY — It was a foul smell coming from a Bronx apartment that led to the discovery of two dead bodies — a mother and her four-year-old son. Once authorities entered they found the remains of 36-year-old Felicia Barahona and her son, Miguel. Barahona made headlines in 2011 when she admitted to having a scandalous four-month sexual relationship with a then 17-year-old Isaac Duran Infante, now 23 — and fathering a child with him.

The evidence at the crime scene led authorities right to Infante. Reports say Infante reportedly admitted to the killings because he didn’t want to pay child support anymore, and he also allegedly didn’t agree with some of Barahona’s parenting techniques, such as dressing the little boy in girls’ clothes. Infante also stated that Barahona was interfering with his relationship with a new love interest.

Police believe Barahona was strangled with a ligature — a telephone cord was wrapped around her neck — and the child was choked to death and was found with his head under water.

Infante has been charged with two counts each of first- and second-degree murder.

Jamie Bravo spoke to the New York Daily News about his half-sister and her horrific death, He knows what he did. … You killed your own son who’s four. There’s not much I can say beyond that. You killed your own son!” The New York Times says, according to Bravo, that Infante was paying weekly child support and did have visitation rights to Miguel.

Although Barahona had lost her job due to the couple’s illicit relationship, at the time of her murder she was a student at John Jay college, and was also a war veteran. Barahona is survived by her eight-year-old daughter.

Infante is expected to appear in court to face his charges this week.

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Main photo: Police at the scene [NBC New York/screenshot]