Fake Florida Dentist Busted After Pulling Teeth At Home With No Anesthesia

Main photo: Robert Rheinlander [Manatee County Sheriff's Office]

BRADENTON, FLORIDA — Robert “Robbie” Rheinlander, 53, is under arrest for extracting ten teeth without anesthetic and performing other dental procedures during “house calls.” Rheinlander is not a licensed dentist.

Rheinlander told prospective “clients” he had worked as a dentist in South Carolina before moving to Florida. When someone took him up on the offer of low-cost tooth work, Rheinlander reportedly then performed procedures either at victim’s residences or his own home to “save money.”

Investigators said Rheinlander did work as a licensed dental technician from 2004 to 2006. He appears to have been “disciplined” during that time, but the exact incident has not been detailed.

Authorities first caught on to Rheinlander on September 29, after married couple James and Rachel Potter went to the police. The pair met Rheinlander through a friend, and he offered them dental services. James Potter said he laid in a recliner in Rheinlander’s living room as the fake dentist pulled a tooth. He also said Rheinlander treated his subsequent dry-socket infection.

Rachel Potter said Rheinlander pulled 11 teeth from her, eventually leaving a fragment behind that caused her medical trouble. The couple also told detectives they knew of a friend who’d had 10 teeth extracted by the scammer, without even using anesthesia.

The sheriff’s office said they set up a sting with an undercover detective contacting Rheinlander about dental work. Rheinlander quickly fell for the ruse and got arrested.

Currently, Rheinlander is facing charges of practicing dentistry without a license. He’s out on a $1,500 bail.

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Main photo: Robert Rheinlander [Manatee County Sheriff’s Office]

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