Girl, 9, Beaten For “Stealing” A Candy Cane To Mail To Santa Claus

Main photo: Candy cane via Pixabay

KENOSHA COUNTY, WI — Louis Morgan, Jr., 33, has been charged with one count of physical abuse after he allegedly beat his girlfriend’s nine-year-old daughter with a belt.

Reportedly, the girl enraged Morgan after she took a candy cane from the family home to a local post office, in order to mail it off along with her wish list to Santa Claus.

The child’s school alerted authorities after the girl said she was hurting and had a bruise.

According to the complaint, Morgan told authorities during his questioning that the child was not allowed to take candy canes off the tree. Instead, the child said she took the cane out of the box, so she could mail it to Santa. The child said she thought it was okay, since the cane wasn’t taken from the tree.

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Morgan told investigators he became upset when he found out there was a candy cane in the letter addressed to Santa. He said he was upset the victim “disobeyed” his commands. The little girl’s mother told authorities that her daughter had been taking things from others, and so they tried a number of measures to teach her a lesson.

The report alleges Morgan “whipped” the child with a belt about 13 times. She was struck on her legs, arms, and other parts of her body. Authorities believe she was hit with the full length of the belt. Morgan is also accused of telling the nine-year-old that Santa does not exist.

Morgan allegedly told the child that he and her mother were “busting their butts” to provide gifts for her and their family for the holiday — “not some fantasy guy named Santa.”

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Main photo: Candy cane via Pixabay

  • HowDoUKnow

    He shouldn’t be hurting children and why do people like this girlfriend trust boyrfriends around their children?!. Anyway, the other thing that bothers me is that I’ll never understand why parents think it’s okay to teach the santa claus lie to their children and other lies like easter bunny, and then expect their kids to be honest. Stupid stupid “parenting”!!! If you want to bring up decent kids, you should be teaching them to be honest and that starts by your example!

    • Lesa L. Tatum

      Jesus, here we go with the Santa trauma crap. Let kids be kids for as long as they can. Most kids find out about Santa and the Easter Bunny on their own. Responsible parents do what mine did…… Tell them not that Santa doesn’t exist but about the real person who existed, St. Nicholas.

      • Jeff Gyure

        “Jesus” proving some idiocy lasts a lifetime. Keep being a child.

        • Lesa L. Tatum

          No more idiotic than you thinking your comments will automatically make me change my beliefs.

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      • HowDoUKnow

        Kids should be kids as long as they are kids, does not mean that their parents should be lying to them. Duhhh. Anyway, you clearly have no care about what is wrong or right, so there’s no point in discussing this further. Anyone intelligent would agree that lying to your children is not going to help you raise honest and good people. They will be liars, just like their parents.

      • Kristen Godshall

        I’m with you Lesa- I told my kids there was a Santa- we used to set out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve then take bites out of the cookies after they went to sleep lol… it was ADORABLE to see the wide eyed amazement in the morning lol! They figured out around second grade or so for themselves it wasn’t true and are no worse for the wear. They’re both amazing well adjusted teenagers today- certainly not liars because I told them there was a Santa lol…

  • DaniC

    Anyone else think the mom will stay with him?

    • polliwogg

      Of course she will. And she’ll bail him out of jail, too.

    • Mickey

      and cry about how she wants her kids back

  • Emily

    This is disgusting. I wish I could buy her something on her list.

  • Maria Santanastar Bonilla

    That’s so sad! People like that, should never be around kids!