Scottish Police Investigating “House Of Horrors” Where Disabled Mom’s Corpse Rotted For Months


The UK press is calling it a “House of Horrors” — the home where The Greenop family resided together, along with their menagerie of pets, including a rabbit, rats, two tarantulas, snakes, a blind cat, and even a three-legged sheepdog named Katie.

It took neighbors reporting an infestation of flies and a disgusting smell coming from the home for authorities in the Scottish town of Troon to find the decomposing corpse of 46-year-old Sharon Greenop. Police believe that Sharon’s daughter, 19-year-old Shayla, as well as Sharon’s 38-year-old sister Lynette had been carrying on with normal life for up to five months while Sharon’s body decomposed in her bed.

Candles were believed to have been used to mask the stench at first. The smell could also have taken longer to overwhelm the area due to sheer number of animals sharing the home.

Sharon was believed to have been registered disabled, and had reportedly not been seen outside of the house since June. Her body wasn’t found until November 10. According to some interviews with Lynette, Sharon had been partially paralyzed and once had caregivers who stopped by to check on her. The caregivers had stopped coming over at one point, but Lynette would not say whether she knew why they stopped coming by. Someone local to the area noted to the Scottish Sun that the door to the house was always opened, yet he had never seen Sharon.

During the months while Sharon lay rotting in her bed, Lynette and Shayla carried on as normal, and gave the impression through social media that they were going on with their lives. They would post selfies, pet photos, and Shayla would explore his transgender status, posting as a transman named variously Ryann or Mallak. In both the Shayla and Mallak profiles, memes were displayed referring to being depressed, lonely, or having been abused or living in an abusive household.

Reports are that Police Scotland is treating Sharon’s death as suspicious. Charges are expected in the coming days.

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