Indiana Mom Brandi Worley Kills Kids Over Custody; Dad Had Sought Divorce Advice on Reddit

In the early hours of November 17, Indiana mom Brandi Worley called 911 and told the dispatcher, “I just stabbed myself, and I killed my two children.” Tragically, she was speaking the truth.

Worley allegedly cut the throats of son Tyler, 7, and daughter Charlee, 3, and then stabbed herself in the neck. While she was on the line with 911, Worley’s mother reportedly arrived and became hysterical upon discovering the bodies.

At present, the motive appears to stem from the fact that Jason Worley, Brandi’s husband, had filed for divorce on November 16. Brandi reportedly told police she killed the children so that Jason could not take them, and then stabbed herself because she “just wanted to die with them.”

As with so many modern divorce cases, social media seems to have factored in to the circumstances. Under the username “jasoninhell,” Jason Worley appears to have posted about his marital woes and sought advice on the community website Reddit.

On November 5, Jason posted to the subreddit category Relationship Advice:

“I caught my wife cheating on me over a year ago. I stayed with her for the sake of our children, but I haven’t been able to get it off of my mind since. It has been 476 days since I confronted her about it.”

From there, Jason goes into great detail about discovering that Brandi was exchanging sexual text messages with a male neighbor and friend who she said she’d hired to build an office. One text allegedly read: “I’m covered in frosting, wanna come lick it off?”

Jason recounts discovering that Brandi had sent the neighbor nude photos, after which his wife and her text partner declared love for one another. Jason said he confronted his wife, writing:

“I tell her that I am leaving her, she tells me that she will make sure I never see my kids again if I do. She planned on using the fact that I had attempted suicide in high school to prove me unfit to have the children… It was at that moment I realized she was going to drag the kids through hell if I left her so I swallowed my feelings and begged her to stay.”

Chillingly, Jason goes on:

“I’m afraid that after this much time, and the fact that I begged her back, that to say that I want a divorce now would only make her more vindictive towards my children and I. I just feel like I have put myself so deep in a hole that I can never get back out.”

Reddit users initially advised Jason to seek counseling and a get free consultation with an attorney. Since the murder story broke, reactions switched to horror. Jason has posted his feelings about the case, in heartbreaking comments like:

“I just can’t help but wonder that if I had slept on the couch like she had suggested instead of an air mattress in the basement then maybe I could have saved my children or at the very least died with them. A father has one job in this world, to protect his children, and I failed to do that.”

The thread has since been closed.

Brandi Worley’s trial date has been set for April 11. She remains now in the Montgomery County Jail without bond.

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