Video: Disturbing Never-Before-Seen Police Footage Of JonBenét Ramsey Crime Scene

The site where 6-year-old Jonbenét Ramsey was killed in Boulder, Colorado, 1996. [Karl Gehring/Liaison]

Boulder, CO — From the Christmas tree and unwrapped presents to the gingerbread house and half-eaten pineapple, some experts hope that the haunting images in never-before-seen police footage taken at JonBenét Ramsey’s murder scene can provide clues that may help crack the 20-year-old case.

The footage, which was obtained by, was filmed inside the Ramsey’s home on December 26 in the hours following the discovery of the six-year-old pageant queen’s body.

The white bowl of cut-up pineapple on the breakfast room table — which police considered a key clue to JonBenét’s time of death since the coroner found undigested pieces of the fruit in the little girl’s stomach during the autopsy — is clearly visible onscreen.

A spoon is neatly placed inside the bowl, and an empty glass with a tea bag inside it is visible next to it.

JonBenét’s brother Burke later said in police interviews that pineapple was a favorite snack of his sister’s. Both Burke’s and Patsy’s fingerprints were found on the bowl of fruit, and Burke’s fingerprints were found on the glass table. Both John and Patsy repeatedly said that JonBenét did not eat anything at home before going to bed on December 25.

The video begins with filming the main entrance to the home, where the camera focuses on the door before going inside the home where garland and decorations from the happy family holiday were still hanging.

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The camera operator zooms in on the Thermostat, and shows that the temperature is set to just above 70 degrees.

The video then shows the hallway and kitchen areas, with several pieces of mail and unwrapped packages visible, and the camera zooms in to show one check that appears to have been written from John Ramsey to Jay Elowsky before panning to a red shirt sitting on top of a bag on the floor.

A hand can be seen coming into frame and removing the yellow-and-black police tape strapped over the door to JonBenét’s bedroom before the camera moves inside. JonBenét’s bed is visible, with the light pink coverlet thrown off, as is a full closet of clothes and a huge dollhouse.

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Main photo: The site where six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was killed in Boulder, Colorado, 1996. [Karl Gehring/Liaison]



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