NY Mechanic Gets 30 Years For Plot To Kill Muslims And Obama With “Death Ray”

Main photo: Law-enforcement agents raiding Glendon Crawford's workshop [FBI surveillance video via Daily Mail video/screenshot]

ALBANY, NY — A court has sentenced Glendon Scott Crawford, 52, of Galway, New York, to 30 years behind bars for his plan to kill Muslims and Barack Obama with a homemade “death ray.”

Crawford and his cohort, Eric Feight, planned to combine an industrial-grade X-ray machine with a remote-controlled laser gun that would emit invisible X-rays packing deadly levels of radiation.

The plot of the two men, who met while working as mechanics for General Electric, was to set off the weapon inside a truck parked in an area heavily populated by Muslims. Following detonation, anyone near the origin point of the attack would die from radiation poisoning within two weeks.

Crawford reportedly wanted to use this method to eliminate anyone or any group who did not share his allegedly hardcore right-wing political convictions. Prosecutors claims that Crawford hoped to also target mosques, Islamic schools, the New York State governor’s mansion, and even President Obama.

Chillingly, the FBI has stated that if agents hadn’t foiled Crawford’s plan, his device would likely have worked.

U.S. District Judge Gary L. Sharpe said during the sentencing hearing, “This is a classic case of domestic terrorism.” 

Crawford initially cropped up on authorities’ radar in 2013, after he approached a synagogue in Schenectady, New York, as well as another Jewish organization, to ask members if they’d be interested in his plan to “help Jews get rid of their enemies.”

After they declined, Crawford reportedly reached out to a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan for support. Alas, the KKK chieftain proved to be an undercover FBI informant who recorded their meetings.

On the recordings, Crawford can be heard promising that the device would deliver “Hiroshima on a light switch” and asking, “How much sweeter could [anything] be than a big stack of smelly bodies?”

During his trial, defense attorneys claimed that the FBI had entrapped Crawford. The jury didn’t buy it and found Crawford guilty for conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. He got 30 years. Eric Feight had previously taken a deal in exchange for an eight-year term.

At Crawford’s sentencing, the now-convicted terrorist said he had no actual intention of implementing the “death ray” himself — he was just offering “technical assistance” so others could use it. Crawford added: “I feared for my nation’s and my children’s nation’s future.”

In response, Judge Sharpe said, “This conduct is bizarre. You are bizarre.”

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Main photo: Law-enforcement agents raiding Glendon Crawford’s workshop [FBI surveillance video via Daily Mail video/screenshot]



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