Video: Texas Pastor Yells “Santa Doesn’t Exist” to Kids in Mall, Angry Parents React

AMARILLO, TEXAS — A pastor caused chaos at a Texas mall when he was caught on camera telling a group of kids standing in line at a Christmas display that Santa Claus is not real.

David Grisham of Last Frontier Evangelism filmed himself on his cell phone at Amarillo’s Westgate Mall on Saturday in what he said was an effort to teach kids “that Christmas is about Jesus Christ.”

We’re going to tell the children here today the truth. That there is no Santa Claus, and that Christmas is about Jesus Christ,” he said in the now-viral video. “Kids, I want to tell you today that there is no such thing as Santa Claus,” he’s heard saying loudly.

Grisham goes on to rant: “The man you’re going to see today is just a man in a suit, dressed up like Santa, but Santa does not exist. Santa’s not real!”.

At first, people seem to be trying to ignore him – but eventually, a few angry parents come up to confront him after he addresses them directly.

Undeterred, Grisham continues: “And parents, y’all need to stop lying to your children and telling them that Santa Claus is real when he’s not. You know in reality there are no flying reindeer, there is no workshop at the North Pole, there is no elves making toys, that you buy all the gifts and put them under the tree. That’s the truth!”

One upset man can be heard telling him repeatedly to “stop” and “quit talking this mess” and others tell him to “shut up.” Grisham can then be heard saying that he has been “assaulted” by a parent who placed his hand on him, and telling the man to keep his hands to himself.

In an official statement, the Westgate Mall said: “We want everyone at our shopping center to have an enjoyable experience. All of the shoppers are expected to follow our code of conduct and will be asked to leave our premises if they don’t follow these rules.”

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  • Gail Nisonger Foster

    There’s also no magical baby up in the clouds that you can pray to who will grant your every wish if you’re good enough. ‘Nuff said. Both are wishfull thinking, Santa and Jesus.

    • Carolyn Lee

      hear ,hear

    • Shawn

      There is Santa Claus true name is Saint Nick. & there Jesus. Who made you who made ADAM & EVE. What can’t see doesn’t mean not there. there is flying baby’s there helper for god of love.

      • Jennifer Gayman

        Are you saying you can prove God by some Adam and eve characters. Please continue……

    • Jennifer Gayman

      So true. Baby jesus is a fictional character in a book not a reality star.

  • kindredindust

    There is no god either… that was made up 2016 years ago! you freaking duchtastic ingrate.

    • Shawn

      Need who made you. Or who mad Adam & eve. simple God made Adam & EVE he made man & women.

      • kindredindust

        You can believe what you like… but by your answer.. how do u explain how there are so many different races, if we are all the inbreed offspring of only 2 people? We would all share the same genetics then.

        • Jennifer Gayman

          Don’t question. Just believe. That’s what they want you to do.

      • Jennifer Gayman

        Seriously stop dreaming. Your bible stories are b.s.. And and Adam had 2 wives. Everyone forgets Lilith cuz she had a brain. I like your myths. They are so riveting.

  • Grim Citizen

    The spirit of Christmas lives with both Jesus and Santa. The POINT is to give to others and be good to others. BOTH exist. Not everything that exists can be seen with the physical eyes.

    • Jennifer Gayman

      Learn your facts. Jesus, if he existed at all, would be born in spring. And the 25th of Dec is actually a pagan King’s birthday. People need to get the truth now. Christmas is nothing but just a time for the corporate kings to get richer.

  • Tammy Aliff

    I cannot believe this man. I say man because as far as I am concerned he is not acting like a pastor. My children grew up believing in Santa and knowing what the true meaning of Christmas is. Yes, I believe in God and Jesus. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and it is not for me or anyone else to judge. And the God and Jesus that I believe in would never do what this horrible man did. It is a very sad day when a man pretending to be a pastor tries to destroy the belief of young children. As Jesus said, What you do to the children you also do to me”. Maybe the “pastor” needs to go back and read his bible. He is a very, very mean man.

    • Shawn

      Your right on ever thing you say. He does need go back read the bible. Another name for Santa Claus is Saint Nick.

      • Jennifer Gayman

        Yeah he needs to go to bible school cuz this Jesus character in the book was not born 2016 years ago. More like 3000.

  • You know, what the man believes or what I believe or you believe is beside the point. The point is that this man felt he has the RIGHT to tell other people how to live their lives, how to raise their children and what they have the right to believe. He is all that is wrong with this world. Live and let live. Your life and soul is your own.

  • Jennifer Gayman

    I wish people would educate themselves more before they go around spreading total b.s.. Jesus existed, if he existed at all, over 3000 years ago. The pagans had a king born on Dec 25th. The way the bible describes Jesus’s birth has no winter. It was new animals and everything new. That’s spring. The church had to ruin the pagans cuz they were right and free. They didn’t like that. Religion is control not love.

  • The View

    Ho, ho, ho

  • Liberty For All

    What a self righteous douchebag. Here’s a guy that needs a sudden whack in the groin with a 9 iron.

  • Liberty For All

    Would be fitting to stand up during one of his services at his church and start exclaiming “god doesn’t exist. There was no Jesus.”