Son Charged With Killing Parents, Mutilated & Attempted To Dissolve Them

Main photo: Joel Guy, Jr. [East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office]

As a large portion of Tennessee is battling intense wildfires, and victims are losing everything they own, the nearby Knox County Sheriff’s Office is shifting their efforts to investigate a horrendous double murder.

Police say 28-year-old Joel Michael Guy, Jr., is facing two charges of first-degree murder for allegedly killing and mutilating both of his parents over the Thanksgiving holiday. By all accounts the dinner itself went really well. Guy and his siblings joined their parents for dinner, and nothing seemed amiss, but when the sisters left something went terribly wrong.

Authorities were called out to the house on Monday when 55-year-old Lisa Guy didn’t show up for work at Jacobs Engineering. USA Today says workers contacted the sheriff’s office and they did a drive-by, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until someone from her work called the Major Crimes unit directly and said there was a meeting Lisa wouldn’t have missed, and requested them to go back out. It was on this second welfare check when they found the crime scene. Deputies say they entered the home after noticing “some things that didn’t look right” while peering through a window. WBIR says Lisa and 61-year-old Joel Guy, Sr., were found stabbed to death and their remains scattered throughout the house.

Major Michael MacLean from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office spoke about the case in a press conference. He said the parents’ body parts were strewn all over the “horrific” crime scene. MacLean also said they believe the husband and wife could have allegedly been tortured, and that they put up a struggle.

Authorities say they also found a homemade acid-based solution containing bleach and sewer cleaners. MacLean and his team believe some of those parts were placed into the acid in an attempt to allegedly destroy evidence by dissolving the remains. There is reason to believe that after committing the murders, Guy remained in the house for some time with the bodies.

Joel Michael Guy, Jr. is reportedly a former college student who lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. WBIR says he traveled home to Knoxville for the Thanksgiving holiday, and the unemployed man had plans to discuss money with his parents. It’s not known if there is a life-insurance policy, but authorities do believe Guy was having a conversation about his lack of funds on the holiday. It seems that while Guy was planning to ask his parents for money at Thanksgiving, they had decided to cut him off financially.

According to reports, Guy does not have a past criminal history. Authorities have also tracked down his sisters, an older sibling and twins, they said they had no idea anything sinister was going on with their brother.

Guy is reportedly in the custody of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. He’s awaiting extradition back to Tennessee.

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Main photo: Joel Guy, Jr. [East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office]

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