California Uber Driver Rescues 16-Year-Old From Suspected Sex Ring

Keith Avila [ABC7 (screenshot)]

ELK GROVE, CA — A California Uber driver picked up a teenage girl along with her two suspected female pimps on Monday night and ended up rescuing her from a sex-trafficking ring, according to police.

Keith Avila says he had just picked up the two adult women and a 16-year-old girl and brought them to a Holiday Inn, where the two women allegedly pimped the girl out to a man for sex.

Avila became aware of what was happening when he overheard the women and the teen, who he said appeared to be underage and had an “innocent face,” discussing the sexual transaction.

Avila said he heard:

You’re gonna hug them, you’re gonna pat them down, make sure they don’t have no weapons. You ask him, ‘Do you have any weapons?’ And then ask for the donations. Say ‘Do you have my donation?’ Get the donation first. And then before you go in and do anything, get the donation first.”

Shortly after dropping them off, he called the police, who quickly arrived and busted Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly for various charges in connection with pimping.

The suspected John, identified as Disney Vang, was reportedly arrested for sex with a minor.

Police in Elk Grove have expressed their gratitude to Avila for getting involved and making a difference.

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Main photo: Keith Avila [ABC7 (screenshot)]



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