Who Is Jason Simpson? His History And His Relationship With The O.J. Case

O.J. Simpson sits with his wife Marguerite (Whitley) Simpson, daughter Arnelle and son Jason pose for a portrait at home on January 8, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. [Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images]

On October 3, 1995, after O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his estranged wife Nicole Brown Simpson and a waiter named Ronald Goldman, the first statement to the public came through O.J.’s 25-year-old son Jason. The pudgy ex-athlete read a written statement from his father to the gaggle of daily reporters, family members, legal team members, and curious public onlookers in a packed courtroom gallery.

Jason Simpson reading his father's statement [AP Archive/YouTube screenshot]

Jason Simpson reading his father’s statement [AP Archive/YouTube screenshot]

“I’m relieved that this part of the incredible nightmare that occurred on June 12, 1994, is over,” Jason read in a monotone, his eyes down, focused on the paper in his steady fingers. The statement continued:

“When things have settled a bit, I will pursue as my primary goal in life the killer or killers who slaughtered Nicole and Mr. Goldman. They are out there somewhere… I can only hope that someday, despite every prejudicial thing that has been said about me publicly, both in and out of the courtroom, people will come to understand and believe that I would not, could not and did not kill anyone.”

He was at once unemotional and steady, unblinkingly cool — a young man who was dragged unwittingly into a horrible drama. But very quickly, he would be drawn, unfairly, many say, even deeper into the tragedy.

The moment defined Jason in the public’s eye, the man who would himself, over the years, occasionally become indelicately accused of being the killer of Nicole and Goldman in June 1994. There is a subset of authors, journalists, and internet theorists who insist that Jason could have been the killer of Nicole and Ronald.

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The suppositions have never been proven, and Marcia Clark, who prosecuted the murder case for the state, calls the accusations of Jason “hideous.” “I can’t even tell you how awful it is,” Clark told NBC News. “And it’s baseless.”

Who Is Jason?
Jason Simpson, now 46, has seen both sides of celebrity from the sidelines, from the mansions and the luxe travel to the humans-as-quarry pursuits of an insatiable media preoccupied with the famous. Growing up, that view created some demons for Jason.

He attended the private Crossroads School in Santa Monica, where today tuition runs around $31,000 a year. He was interested in music and the arts as high school neared, but when he tried out for football at Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California, Jason found he had some skills passed on to him from his Heisman-winning father. In 1986, Jason wore number 31 as a starting running back for the esteemed military school.

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In the school’s 1988 yearbook, O.J. is pictured autographing a football for the school’s annual auction, while Jason is cited as the team’s leading runner, “who after 7 games had totaled 19 touchdowns and over 1,200 yards.”

He enrolled at the University of Southern California to play football, but left after a year — “transferred to a community college to improve his academic standing,” a Los Angeles Times story reported. But, instead of transferring, he discovered a new passion – the culinary arts.

Jason worked a series of restaurant jobs, starting as a bus boy and moving his way up. “You gotta start somewhere,” he told a lawyer during a 1996 deposition for the civil case against his father filed by the Goldmans. The jobs kept him in the mid–Los Angeles area, as he lived the life of a young man finding his way, rooming alternately with girlfriends and his mother and living alone.

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As he embarked on his kitchen career, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed Depakote to treat the ailment. He began to drink heavily around the same time.

The Trouble Begins
In 1990, Jason was convicted in Los Angeles of driving under the influence. He plead out and was sentenced to 30 hours of community service and required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The following year, in 1991, he was admitted to St. Johns Hospital and Health Center in Santa Monica after taking an overdose of Depakote. Hospital records claim it was a suicide attempt. “Of significance in his past history, his mother and father are divorced, 
and he had a sister who died, drowning, when he, the patient, was eight
 years old,” the assessing physician wrote in the report. He was released after two weeks.

In 1992, he was charged with assaulting the owner of the Revival Café Restaurant, where he was a cook. He was charged with battery and assault with a deadly weapon, “to wit, hitting and kicking,” according to court documents. He pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor.

O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson, Jason Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson pose at the premiere of the "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult" on March 16, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. [Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images]

O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson, Jason Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson pose at the premiere of the “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult” on March 16, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. [Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images]

Four months after the infamous murders in October 1994, Jason, driving without a license, rammed the Jeep he was driving into the back of a brand-new Nissan pickup on Santa Monica Boulevard at 2 A.M. He sped away, but the Nissan’s driver got his license-plate number, and Jason later turned himself in. It’s unclear if he was charged with an offense.

What’s He Up To Now?
Since the late nineties, though, Jason Simpson has rarely been heard from. An accomplished chef by trade, records show he has bounced around high-end restaurants, as a station cook at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne, Florida, to the Four Seasons in Miami and finally moving on to Atlanta, serving at two high-end eateries that have since closed their doors. The most recent account of Jason’s life has him employed by St. Cecilia, an Italian restaurant in a splashy area ten miles north of downtown that opened in early 2014.

But the public certainly has not forgotten about him, and probably never will. Not that he is interested. “I don’t like that,” he said in the civil-case deposition. “I don’t really like cameras and all that crap. I think it’s a bunch of bull.”

Watch Investigation Discovery’s six-part series, Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence with ID GO.

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Main photo: O.J. Simpson sits with his wife Marguerite (Whitley) Simpson, daughter Arnelle and son Jason pose for a portrait at home on January 8, 1973 in Los Angeles, California.  [Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images]

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    the police said nicole watch did not stop at 9:45 pm that it was 9:45 am . thats Wrong was because the body was not found until 12:23am so he saying the bodies lay out side for 9 hours before pics were taken by corner or anyone of dead bodies thats not true and he said the crime scene was a bloody mess yet the bronco only had spots of blood in passenger seat and drivers seat, when the car should be covered on the inside with blood not spots, and he had no explanation as to how the blood on the socks got mixed with the blood from the glass tub then put on the sock and if she grabbed his ankle with her bloody hand their should have been a bloody sock with lots of blood on it.. what the police man said is not adding up

    • Martha Bartha

      Yeah, some of the stories contradict themselves.

    • Angie

      The lead detective, Tom Lange, said the watch was operable at the time of Nicole being transported. The coroner took the picture of the wrist watch, for inventory purposes that following morning, at which time it showed the watch had stopped at 9:59 am, the next morning. Basically, my understanding was that it had stopped the next morning when moving Nicole to do the autopsy.

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    if he and glen rogers knew each other (he) meaning jason simpson then yes i believe

  • Shag

    O.J. wore a knit cap in a scene in the Naked Gun. Dr. Henry Lee was blasted by the judge in the Phil Spector case. He was seen picking something that he then concealed.

  • JoAnne Voest

    My question is in the deposition Jason states that after the murders he took time off work, but the timecard in question shows he worked the Tuesday (the 14th) Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday after the murders.

  • James Fortunato

    James Fortunato • a minute ago
    I just finished watching episode 4 of “Is O.J. Innocent” on Investigation Discovery channel. They are talking about a time card and having punched a lot of time cards in my day, I have noticed that the time card they are looking at is not and can not be Jason’s time card from the correct week. It has a written entry with no day that is supposed to be Sunday June 12, 1994 and the rest is punched for Tues,, Wed., Sat., and Sun. and on the top of the card it says 6-19-94. Well anyone who punched a time card knows that usually a time only shows one week, not two unless it is a two week paycheck. This time card should show 6-12-94 on the top because they are using a Monday thru Monday work week. The first slot was empty and is written in for Sunday even though it doesn’t say what day it is. That slot would be for Monday only. I have never seen a time card that starts on a Sunday and then ends the following Sunday. This is a bogus time card, no doubt about it at all. Question is, who made it?

    • iamsamadams

      Time card is Bogus, Starts on Sunday and ends on Sunday. These investigators sharp, they make a case based on the bus boy statement that the chef leaves well before 10:00 pm but every punch out is well after 10 pm including the Sunday at the bottom of the card (10:20 pm).

      • Angie

        My exact same thoughts. If Jackson’s (the restaurant) closes early on Sundays, why is the following Sunday’s time card punched for leaving at 10:20 pm?

    • Debra RN

      Unless he clocked on on a sunday on the wrong week. He probably should have clocked on a new time card.

  • Dawn Browning

    Disappointed. Wrong timecard. Looks like he was paid by his employer 8 hrs because his step mom was murdered the night before! They needed the week befores card.

    • Mahagony Wilson

      If OJ couldn’t fit the gloves what makes people think his son could he was way bigger then OJ did anyone see the size of OJS son’s hands (HUGE)

      • Rob Mastandrea

        Those gloves fit OJ perfectly. He quit taking his arthritis medicine before his trial which made his hands swell up and unable to bend his fingers.

  • Christine Zabkowski

    Back to timecard they said he had gotten few days off of work if this was his timecard he went back to work Tuesday highly unlikely

    • Rob Mastandrea

      He has no alibi, claims he left at 945 and dropped his girlfriend off and went home, girlfriend claims he dropped her off and hung out with her in her apt. until 11, both are lying.

  • Monica Acosta

    I’m probably still going to have a million questions after the last show

    • Martha Bartha

      Yeah, some of the explanations contradict themselves.

  • Monica Acosta

    Here’s the issue, this show was jam packed with more what if. The PI that says he was there should lose his license for not coming forward. Time cards, bus boys no one can find, storage lockers, another potential murder weapon. How closely was Nicole’s watch examined. Was it opened and examined for trace evidence. Start from square one with the knife. OJ did it blood was everywhere and no one runs to vegas with vegas with a gun unless they are chasing something priceless, like a trophy. I just feel if this story is going to be told over and over you need a real smoking gun to involve Jason. OJ will confess before letting that boy go to the gas chamber. It will obviously reopen wounds for the goldmans and browns. Show was a little disappointing. I hope the browns and goldmans find the answers that give them peace to live their lives as best they can. For someone to constantly have a wound like that picked at just makes my heart go out to them. If the father gotta away with this, if there is no confession and no smoking gun, Jason will too but I did like the explanation of the time card

  • Debra RN

    Why isn’t anyone asking the bus boy if the time card is a two week time card?

    • Martha Bartha

      I think it was.

  • Debra RN

    The most damning evidence is from the eyewitness PI.

  • telulikeitis

    Nicole’s sister says she still has Nicole’s watch. So, the investigators need to take a look at it and see if the time matches the picture that was taken at the coroner’s. Jason’s hands look pretty short and stubby, so his hands may fit the gloves that were found at the scene, but now (all these years later, there would be no way to tell because he has grown since the crime took place and the size of his hands have probably grown considerably too.) I don’t think Jason would hurt his mother, but maybe hurting Ron Goldman is possible, especially if Ron was fighting his dad. The investigators need to find out how Jason felt about Ron Goldman at the time. The PI that said he witnessed OJ and his son Jason at the crime scene helped to explain how the blood was on both sides of the Bronco. He said only OJ got out of the vehicle and so that would explain the blood on both sides of the Bronco, but if two people committed the crime together, both would be covered in blood. I’m not so sure the PI is telling the truth. He was acting too weird when taking the polygraph. Anyway, if there were two people that committed the crime, I wonder if one person held Ron Goldman while the other stabbed him. Ron Goldman was stabbed a lot, and that indicates to me there was a lot of hate/animosity towards him. It doesn’t take 33 stab wounds to kill someone. That stands out to me a lot for some reason.

    • Jo Anna Hoffmann

      Those effn gloves fit him – they were tight-fitted gloves – if I was in th jury I would have burst out laughing because ‘if the gloves fit you must convict’

      • Rob Mastandrea

        He was there, after the murders occurred

      • ariagirl

        The glove didn’t fit because Johnny Cochran told OJ not to take his hypertension meds so his hands would swell. So if they were a tight fitting glove, between that and the no meds, of course his hand wasn’t going to fit.

    • Rob Mastandrea

      Goldman was in the wrong place, wrong time. Jason committed both murders, OJ showed up after the murders occurred.

  • Martha Bartha

    What does Jason have to say about these accusations? If he commits suicide, makes him look guilty.

    • Alicia Walker

      He was trying to kill himelf has nothing to do with the murders he been down and out since he found out he has seizure from that to his sister death the divorce and his own personal demons clearly was posted from varies places nothing is upheld stating the fact that he could have done it so tell me this why didn’t they question and detain him just like they did to his father police never fully let any more not a suspect but they only had one man DNA his father if JASON did it then where is evidence that he did it there no proof that either one was there not mention the whole case was mess up
      From the get go as much I like to get the killer in jail the law should have been dint correctly that any parties are question or knows or part of they proven innocent unless is found guilty pretty sad that no one even once tried to do this whole thing right I’m not condoning this in my theory is since day 1 why was everything touch and mess with then more and more lies ? I have seizure but let me tell you they do not cause anyone to kill none only way is by the motive that he want to but where the evidence no proof was there for both I may not like oj but the law is what I go by always not bending around the law to follow the period as it suppose to go

      • Martha Bartha

        His Sister died?

        • lisa

          he had a sister, erin, who died in 1979 when she was two. drowned in the swimming pool at the rockingham house.

          • Martha Bartha

            OK, I don’t remember that.

          • lisa

            i know. i didn’t know it for the longest time either. i think i may have first heard about it after the murders or during the trial.

          • Macy’s Mom

            She did NOT die at the Rockingham house, she drowned at the home of her mother, Simpson’s other ex-wife.

          • lisa

            ok whatever. I read that she died at rockingham, before oj and his first wife split and she moved away from the rockingham house. no matter the location, a child is dead.

      • Rob Mastandrea

        Jason being his son would have very similar DNA to his Dad. OJ was there, after his son committed the murders.

    • Rob Mastandrea

      Wouldn’t be surprised if he does commit suicide, a guilty conscience is tough to live with

      • Martha Bartha

        Now CNN is having a special on the OJ case.

        • Rob Mastandrea


          • Martha Bartha

            I think this Friday but I’m not sure.

  • Mazikeen666

    Who knos who did it?

    • butch31

      Glen Rogers

  • lisa

    i just don’t buy jason having anything to do with the murders and nothing presented in the show convinces me otherwise. if i were him, i’d be speaking to a lawyer about filing a lawsuit.

    • Rob Mastandrea

      He has no alibi, has a history of rage disorder and assaulting people with a knife, (cut off his girlfriend’s hair with one of his cooking knives) was off his meds 2 months before the murders, oh and OJ hired a lawyer for him the day AFTER the murders. Remeber OJ always said, “I didn’t do it, but I’m responsible”.

    • 2016 Draft Options

      Menendez murders

  • enhater

    Most Blacks are prone to violence!

  • Buster

    Jason Simpson was angry at Nicole for not showing up at the dinner he took pride in cooking for her for family acceptance. He took pride in being a chef because it didn’t depend on his father’s fame so he saw Nicole and family coming to eat a meal he cooked as a matter of personal achievement.

    After work he drove over to Nicole’s to look in her windows to see why she cancelled. When he got there he saw Ron Goldman talking to Nicole at the front door. It turns out Ron and Nicole were friends from the Mazzaluna Restaurant that Nicole frequented, so the conversation could have lasted a while.

    Jason drives 5 minutes to OJ’s house and tells him Nicole stiffed him in order to have a rendezvous. OJ was packed and waiting for a limousine to the airport but the news angered him as part of the difficulties he had been experiencing with his ex wife so he accompanied Jason back to Nicole’s in Jason’s Jeep.

    This program revealed for the first time that there was a Private Detective working another case on Bundy Drive who was doing surveillance. He had a clear view of the back side of Nicole’s condo on Bundy Drive. Because this detective was on Bundy he missed the action by the front door.

    When OJ and Jason walked up and saw Ron and Nicole some kind of incident happened. The evidence at the scene leads me to believe OJ restrained Nicole. During this restraint Nicole gouged OJ’s fingers with her fingernails causing bleeding wounds. Jason then slit her throat.

    OJ then restrained Ron Goldman. The investigators found what they called a “grasping” blood stain on the back of Ron Goldman’s shirt. They said it was evidence that someone grabbed Goldman’s shirt from behind. Jason then dispatched Ron Goldman by knifing his jugular. Goldman was trained in martial arts so the scuffle described here knocked OJ’s bloody left glove off. Jason’s black watch cap was also knocked off his head and lay next to Goldman’s body.

    Jason and OJ must have gone back to OJ’s house and gotten his white Bronco and returned to Bundy Drive because the detective on the stake-out told Dear he observed OJ and Jason arrive at the rear gate entrance to Nicole’s at around 10:15. He said OJ got out and went up the walkway. Jason jumped over to the driver’s seat and never got out. The detective said OJ returned about ten minutes later in his shorts with a laundry bag, got in to the Bronco and took off.

    This fits the evidence because all the blood in the Bronco was OJ’s, Ron Goldman’s, and Nicole’s. That would make sense since Jason probably never bled.

    Why would OJ take the risk of going back to a murder scene? Well, that’s a good question isn’t it? What was so valuable that OJ would risk going back? OJ showed a propensity for this kind of risk when he tried to get his stolen property back in Las Vegas. I don’t know. Maybe it was jewelry, maybe it was compromising papers, or god knows what else but it had to be of value because OJ and Jason risked going back.

    Dear interviewed the co-owner of Jackson’s Restaurant where Jason worked that night. He said the owner who told the police Jason was there during the murders cooking for 200 people was with him at a party and wasn’t even at the restaurant. A waitress said no more than 25 people were there and they shut down early. Also, Jason’s time card was punched-out at 10:20 exonerating him from the 10pm murders, however a coworker said there were issues with that time card and parts that were usually labeled were hand-written. Jason’s girlfriend who picked him up that night said they left shortly before 9:45. From the looks of this evidence it is possible OJ paid people for alibis.

    Another first time witness on this show was the woman who loaned Goldman her car to go to Nicole’s. She said 3 days after the murders LAPD came to her with an evidence bag with her car keys. The officer slit open the bag and handed her what she said were a “blood-caked” set of keys. Dear looked at the case and there was no record of LAPD ever testing those keys. In the program Dear goes to one of OJ’s lawyers and he said there was no way LAPD didn’t test those keys since they were found in Ron Goldman’s dead clenched hand. He said what probably happened is LAPD did test those keys and got results they didn’t like.

    So as much as Dear’s evidence made it look like Jason may have done the murders alone the evidence is pointing to the scenario above.

    • Rob Mastandrea

      You’re on the right track Buster. But I don’t believe that glove was knocked off during a fight, impossible. What makes more sense is OJ went back to the scene AFTER Jason committed the murders. I think OJ took the glove off to check Nicole’s pulse and maybe Ron’s too. The shock that he realized both were murdered by his son caused him to forget the glove and hat. OJ dispised blood, wouldn’t even hook his own fishing line for fear of getting blood on him.

      • Buster

        Hmm. The trouble with your scenario is the dog barks at 10:15, probably in reaction to the scuffle with Goldman at that time. I’ve changed my scenario since I posted the above. I now think Jason went straight to Bundy and killed Nicole. He was then seen running from the walkway by the CNN witness who said he looked like a “dark-skinned hispanic man”. Because the arterial blood hadn’t pooled at that point Jason left the faint shoe-prints found by medical examiner Henry Lee. Jason drives to OJ’s and tells him what he has done. OJ grabs the Aris Isotoner gloves from his packed bags that were outside on the bench waiting for the limousine in order not to leave fingerprints. He also borrows Jason’s black watch cap for stealth. The Private Detective on the Investigation Discovery program sees OJ and Jason arrive in the Bronco at 10:15. The unexpected Ron Goldman arrives and surprises OJ. A scuffle ensues and OJ kills Goldman. The Private Detective said OJ came back to the Bronco in only his shorts, which means his pants were so bloody that he had to take them off and put them in the laundry bag the detective saw him carrying. Also, if OJ had taken off his glove to check a pulse he would have held that glove in his other hand. That left glove had blood on it and OJ’s left hand was cut because he wasn’t wearing it. Situationally, Jason killed Nicole alone because if Goldman was there Jason would be unlikely to kill Nicole in front of a witness, nor would Goldman stand by and let him.

        • Rob Mastandrea

          Interesting Buster, good stuff. Question is, was there enough time to do all this? Maybe OJ left the glove and hat on purpose to keep the focus on him and not his son. Also, the guy walking his dog heard a white male yell, “Hey, Hey, Hey” I think this was Ron walking up on Jason while he was stabbing Nicole. Oj hated blood and would’ve never used a knife, wouldn’t even hook his own bait when fishing for fear of getting blood on himself. I also think OJ cut his finger while climbing his fence to get back onto his property. His fence had sharp exposed prongs on top of it. Have you read William Dear’s book, OJ is guilty but not of murder?

          • Buster

            I’ve seen it posted that “hey, hey, hey” is what karate practicers say when doing moves. The black watch cap was Jason’s, so it wouldn’t make sense for OJ to leave it in order to protect Jason. Since OJ was witnessed bringing the gloves for concealing of fingerprints then he probably borrowed Jason’s watch cap for the same purpose. I’m pretty sure there was blood dripped up OJ’s driveway from the open gate at the street, so there was no fence climbing involved with it. Haven’t read Dear’s book but I did see his original video. I also think the glove was found in a position where it was violently thrown and not taken off to take a pulse. The timing fits perfectly for my revised scenario.

          • Rob Mastandrea

            Fair enough, good stuff, at least we agree Jason was involved at it wasn’t just OJ alone.

          • Rob Mastandrea

            Also the Limo driver reports seeing 2 cars in OJ’s driveway. OJ’s Bentley and another car parked behind it. It wasn’t Arnelle’s since she was out that night and didn’t return until around 1:00 AM. I wonder if that was Justin’s Jeep and he was waiting in the Bronco for OJ to leave in the limo so he could retrieve his Jeep and drive back to his apartment.

          • Buster

            I’ve come to a new conclusion. Jason kills Nicole at 9:59 after she said the wrong thing. He drives to OJ’s and comes back with him in the Bronco as was witnessed by Pinkerton detective Michael Martin who was staked-out on Bundy on another job…Martin sees OJ and Jason arrive at 10:15 and Jason stays in the Bronco. OJ returns in his shorts with a laundry bag and leaves at 10:25 according to Martin. I now believe OJ just went back to retrieve expensive property like diamond ear rings and murdered no one. When they left at 10:25 they saw Goldman pull up and Jason went back alone and killed Goldman. Witness Hiedstra heard men arguing at 10:36. That was probably the time Goldman was killed because tracing of his doings showed he couldn’t have arrived at Bundy until right around 10:25. This fits with Jill Shively seeing OJ speeding through the intersection near 10:45.

      • kate

        The glove didn’t fit

    • Coolbreeze

      So you are basically saying that Ron stood there why the both of them took on Nicole? He could have easily screamed or ran? Right?

      • Buster

        Please read detective Bill Dear’s case because I made some mistakes above. After analyzing all of Dear’s evidence and other evidence:

        I’ve come to a new conclusion. Jason kills Nicole at 9:59 after she said the wrong thing. He drives to OJ’s and comes back with him in the Bronco as was witnessed by Pinkerton detective Michael Martin who was staked-out on Bundy on another job…Martin sees OJ and Jason arrive at 10:15 and Jason stays in the Bronco. OJ returns in his shorts with a laundry bag and leaves at 10:25 according to Martin. I now believe OJ just went back to retrieve expensive property like diamond ear rings and murdered no one. When they left at 10:25 they saw Goldman pull up and Jason went back alone and killed Goldman. Witness Hiedstra heard men arguing at 10:36. That was probably the time Goldman was killed because tracing of his doings showed he couldn’t have arrived at Bundy until right around 10:25. This fits with Jill Shively seeing OJ speeding through the intersection near 10:45.

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  • Donna Kruse

    They talk about the time Jason Simspon started and finished work on June 12th 1994 but when they show a blow up of his time card the date clearly shows JUNE, 19th, 1994 im not a forensic investigator but there is no way the evidence is right and both Simpson men are being framed…

    • 2016 Draft Options

      Eureka, Ca? Kruse Auto?

    • KSmith

      that says “Pay period ending 19 June 1994”, which means it covers the week that ends 19 June, which incudes 12 Jun.

  • butch31

    Everyone by now knows that Glen Rogers murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. You have to be brainless not to understand it! I see we live in a world where people refuse to believe the truth.

  • 2016 Draft Options

    OJ, Jason both are hiding facts.

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  • Margareth Baréa

    Jason Simpson is just another victim of the monster O.J. Simpson. A boy who wanted to be loved by his father. As any ordinary child does. Instead he got the worst of his father who believed he was god. Leaving no room for love towards his children.

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