Police Release Chilling Cautionary Video Depicting The Grooming, Rape, And Murder Of 15-Year-Old Girl

Main photo: Scene from Kayleigh's Love Story [Mirror/Screenshot]

LEICESTER, UK — Police have released a video depicting the last two weeks in the life of a 15-year-old schoolgirl, Kayleigh Haywood, who was groomed over Facebook before being raped and murdered, in hopes that it will serve as a cautionary tale to other parents.

The five-minute clip, which is called Kayleigh’s Love Story, was produced with the cooperation of her parents, and warns parents and children of the dangers of online grooming .

On November 13, 2015, Kayleigh Haywood’s father Martin, 57, saw her for the last time when he dropped her off outside her school.

He believed that she was spending the night with her best friend — and had no idea that his daughter had been responding to flirty messages since October 31 from Luke Harlow, 28, via his Facebook account Luke “Fun Times” Harlow.

Harlow convinced Kayleigh to lie to her parents so that she could stay at his apartment. After she arrived on November 13, Harlow gave her alcohol and sexually assaulted her. Kayleigh texted the word “help” to her friend hours before she was killed by landscape gardener Stephen Beadman.

The video starts with a teen girl in her room, responding to messages on Facebook. The scenes show how Kayleigh’s killer was able to lure her into a false sense of security by telling her that she was “pretty” and that he would take good care of her. “My parent’s wouldn’t understand,” she says before agreeing to meet the man in the video at his apartment — where he gives her alcohol, and she is shown curled up in a bed after he sexually assaulted her.

Seconds later, she is shown trying to run away before being attacked. The final scene pictures her devastated parents standing over her body in the morgue.

Last July, Beadman, then 29, was sentenced to life in prison for the rape, false imprisonment, and murder of the teenager, while Harlow was given a 12-year jail term for false imprisonment and grooming.

The film has already been screened at schools across Leicestershire and Rutland, reports the Leicester Mercury. Leicestershire Police said it has also been made available to the public via YouTube and Facebook.

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Main photo: Scene from Kayleigh’s Love Story [Mirror/Screenshot]

  • coryguy55

    Harlow should have been given a life sentence as well, had he not groomed this young girl, she wouldn’t have been put in the circumstances that wound up getting her killed.