Ailing Charles Manson Denied Request To Save Sperm So He Can Father More Children

Charles Manson, ABC News video/screenshot

CORCORAN, CALIFORNIA — Charles Manson, the infamous hippie-era cult leader and architect of the 1969 Tate-LaBianca massacres, has been denied a request to donate and save his sperm so that he may continue to father children even after he dies.

The proposal reportedly involves Afton “Star” Burton, 29, who became publicly “engaged” to Manson in 2015 following years of correspondence. Most accounts claim the proposed marriage collapsed amid reports that Burton was primarily interested in posthumously profiting from the relationship — by charging money to see Charlie’s corpse.

Now it seems as though Charlie and Star may be an item once more.

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The sperm request also arose as Manson, 82, has been making headlines after being transported from California’s Corcoran State Prison to Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield.

The notorious convict was initially supposed to undergo surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding, but was deemed “too frail” to survive the operation. After another false alarm when the surgery was rescheduled and then canceled once more, he has since been moved back to jail.

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A unnamed source quoted in The Sun stated: “Many people will think this is a sick joke, but Manson has expressed his desire to add to his family of four children.”… [but] none of his family are getting access to his DNA at this stage. The officers and authorities will not let them get access to tissues or any fluids at all. Just because he may pass away does not affect that position.”

Here’s a 1993 Manson interview, just to refresh everyone’s memory.

Learn more about the infamous Charles Manson case in Investigation Discovery’s “Twisted” on ID GO.

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Main photo: Charles Manson, ABC News video/screenshot

  • Robin Graves

    fake news

    • Bar Tender

      And what caused you to come to that conclusion? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Robin Graves

        Because I interviewed the sources of that story, Matthew Roberts and author Danial Simone.

      • Robin Graves

        imagine – yourselves, how titles about your grandfather like, ‘Attempting to Smuggle his Sperm out of Prison,’ and ‘Desperate to Have a Child,’ or ‘fiancee wanted to marry him for his corpse’ would make you feel when the sources of those false stories have successfully manipulated the mainstream media into very closely relating them to – as his fictional father and her fictional real-boyfriend; wife; friend; guy in the cell doing life next to him; who? What? Does that fall into the grey-area of ‘Fair Use’ laws or in inimitable hearsay? Are THESE PEOPLE, ‘Best Selling Authors’ and reputable NEWS reporters mere pawns of the mind controlling mainstream media surrounding this one notorious man and his FAMILY?

        Rolling Stone magazines, packaged, product, powerful, magnificent. Media minded power?

        Imagine – if some guy who participated and got paid, in the ridiculous creations of some of the rudest stories, was the same guy you granted your own DNA for testing to prove him as your uncle and the biological son of your grandfather; who then four years after he was proven not be related to you (or by proxy your grandfather) he is still in the money-minds, media machine, making money from your surname and the bloodline of your fathers? Imagine – that! –from: “Family First by Robin Graves (an interview with Manson’s Grandson, Jason Freeman)

  • Donna

    That’s all we need.. More Charles Manson running around !!