More Evidence That A Life Of Crime Is Truly Exhausting

LiveLeak surveillance video from Russian restaurant [screenshot]

It wasn’t that long ago that found ourselves shocked awake by how many times perpetrators have been found sleeping on the job. We shared five amazing examples of “you snooze, you lose.”

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But it seems like those were not isolated incidents — in fact, we’ve found seven more times that criminals simply could not stay awake to get away clean. Coffee, anyone?

Got To Give This Muncie Gas Thief Credit For Trying

Back in 2005, then 38-year-old Brad Hodson pulled a white van up to a local Swifty gasoline station in Muncie, Indiana. The station was closed when Hodson arrived at 5:30 A.M., but he wasn’t intent on filling up the van’s gas tank. He had another container in mind. According to police, Hodson had a 55-gallon barrel in the back of that van. He managed to rig up a homemade, battery-operated siphoning hose and got it into the station’s underground storage tank. Unfortunately, Hodson’s rig was so very slow, and he had attempted his theft so very early in the morning.

Police suspected that Hodson had just gotten tired while he was waiting on his rig to fill that giant drum with gasoline, and he couldn’t help just lying back and dozing off. That was where the station’s manager found Hodson when he arrived to open up later that morning. Police found the bolt cutters that had allegedly been used to cut the tank’s lock, as well as a police scanner and a nine-millimeter handgun. Hodson was busted on theft and gun charges. [WTHR]

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Sleepy British Serial Burglar Busted When He Nodded Off In The Victims’ Living Room

Ian Carr [Newcastle Crown Court]

Ian Carr [Newcastle Crown Court]

When Newcastle student Michael Kitchen went to get a drink in the wee hours of that 2015 morning, he certainly didn’t expect to find Ian Carr asleep on his sofa. Carr’s head was lolled back, and he was reportedly snoring very loudly. Kitchen told his flat-mate Matthew Thompson what was going on, and the duo waited out of sight in the hallway until police arrived. When the officers got there, Carr was still out cold on the sofa. They woke him up and arrested him. Police found Carr was wearing one of Kitchen’s jackets, and had put other stolen items, including a wallet and some Armani aftershave, in the pockets. On the balcony, police found a laptop bag containing one of their laptops with all of the necessary accessories. Authorities believed that Carr had taken the keys to Thompson’s Mini which had been parked outside, and was in the process of loading his ill-gotten gains into that vehicle when he took a moment to sit down and ended up falling asleep. Carr, who had at least 95 priors in his 29 years on this Earth, including five convictions for home burglaries, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and theft. He was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail. [The Express]

Louisiana Teen Found Asleep On The Floor Of Mobile Home He Was Burglarizing

Justin Lane Odom was just 17 when he was busted in October 2015 for breaking into a mobile home in Union Parish, Louisiana. According to reports, police responding to a burglary-in-progress call at the mobile home park on Louisiana Highway 15 found a bit more than they bargained for on Lot 18. There were blood drops in several locations around the mobile home, and they found a screwdriver that was believed to have been used to pry open the back door. When they tried knocking on the front door, they got no response. Shining their flashlights through the space that had been made by the screwdriver, their lights landed on Odom, who was unconscious on the floor. Odom woke up and came to the door, where he admitted to breaking in through a bathroom window. He was found to be in possession of pot, as well as either amphetamine or dextroamphetamine, which he told police he had bought for personal use — but obviously hadn’t partaken of yet. [KNOE]

Drunk Russian Burglar Fumbles and Falls, and Falls Asleep

This story takes us to Krasnoyarsk in Central Russia. It was approximately 1:30 in the morning on July 4, 2016, when an unidentified man broke into a local restaurant and proceeded to create surveillance footage that might be comedy gold. The highly intoxicated man is first seen climbing over the counter before falling onto the floor in the darkness. The camera’s night vision allows us to see him fumble his way around the space before he encounters a television set sitting on a countertop. Unfortunately, he proceeds to pull the TV backward causing it to fall on the floor and (we’re presuming) shattering the screen. Instead of feeling over approximately a foot for the opened doorway to the other side of the restaurant, the burglar proceeds to lean over the space so recently occupied by that television stomach first, until he manages to get to his feet on the other side. Not finding any cash drawers, he returns to the other side of the small divider, where he sits down and scratches his arm. At that point, the alcohol takes over and he lays down on the floor and passes out. The unfortunate attempted thief was busted the next morning when the restaurant’s owner arrived and found him still unconscious on the floor. []

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BMW Helps Seattle Police Nab Sleeping Car Thief, Locks Him Inside Car

A car thief in Seattle got more than he bargained for when he attempted to steal a high-end BMW around Thanksgiving. When the car was reported stolen, police were able to contact BMW and, thanks to the benefits of 21st-century technology, the car company was able to track the stolen vehicle to where it was parked in an alley. The thief had reportedly left the engine running while he took a nap. Again, BMW helped out authorities, remotely locking the snoozing suspect inside the car. The thief reportedly tried to drive off while still locked inside, but didn’t get very far. He was busted for auto theft and drug possession after the police found a small amount of meth on his person. [Newser]

Suspected Gang Members Learn The Hard Way That Pot Can Make You Very Sleepy

The .22 Ruger found in the possession of the stoned teens [Merced County Sheriff’s Office]

The .22 Ruger found in the possession of the stoned teens [Merced County Sheriff’s Office]

Two 17-year-olds were busted back in August 2016 for stealing building supplies and equipment from a California neighborhood where several homes were undergoing construction. The Winton neighborhood wasn’t just the scene of the teenagers’ alleged crimes, it was also the scene of their downfall. Just a few hours after burglarizing one location, the teenagers were found still parked in their getaway car, a blue SUV. They had managed to smoke enough marijuana to cause them to pass out inside the vehicle. As a deputy approached, he noted the very strong smell of pot smoke coming from the vehicle. When they opened the SUV, they found wire, nails, and unidentified construction equipment that was determined to have been stolen from the homes in the area. Authorities also found in the teenagers’ possession a loaded .22 Ruger semiautomatic that had been reported stolen in March. They were charged with theft, possession of stolen property, suspicion of participation in a criminal street gang, and having a loaded firearm in the vehicle. They were released to their parents’ custody. [Merced Sun Star]

Oklahoma Man Passes Out On Burglary Victim’s Couch Still Holding The Loot

Tulsa County Jail

Jon Cooper [Tulsa County Jail]

Jon Cooper allegedly tried to break into the home of a Tulsa man to  get something to eat. Unfortunately, the home’s couch caught him first. The exact order of events in this case isn’t entirely clear, but according to reports, 46-year-old Cooper busted into the unidentified homeowner’s dwelling and grabbed some of the homeowner’s belongings before apparently settling in on the couch. This was where the homeowner found Cooper the next day when he came home. Cooper was still holding the items he’d intended to steal. The homeowner called the Tulsa Police, and Cooper was busted for second-degree burglary and possession of stolen property. [KJRH]

Main photo: LiveLeak surveillance video from Russian restaurant [screenshot] 


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