Charles Manson’s “Grandson” Posts Video Saying He’s Blocked From Visiting Granddad

Jason Freeman [TMZ screenshot]

BAKERSFIELD, CA —Jason Freeman, the son of the late Charles Manson, Jr., has posted a video online stating that he has been blocked from visiting his ailing grandfather — infamous cult leader and murder mastermind Charles Manson.

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Freeman says his lawyers failed to get him in to see Manson last week while the notorious convict was out of Corcoran State Prison and at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield. Freeman also claims he’s never been sent the proper paperwork to visit Manson in jail. Now Freeman is worried that he may never get to tell his granddad face-to-face that he loves him. TMZ shared Freeman’s video.

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In the video, Freeman says he believes Manson “has taken the weight of the world on his shoulders,” and that the notorious criminal thinks it would be harmful for Jason to be associated with him.

Freeman’s father, who was born Charles Manson, Jr., and lived most of his life under the name Jay White, reportedly committed suicide in 1993. Charles Manson himself has never officially acknowledged any of his supposed offspring.

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Main photo: Jason Freeman, TMZ video/screenshot

  • Carolyn Lee

    Nothing but an ugly mutt ,that is a lying piece of sht

    • army_eng_wife

      You know this how? Why put down some based in lineage?

      • Carolyn Lee

        you really care about a person who is claiming to be that foul pigs offspring ?,or you claiming it too?

        • CLH

          Why would you not care for another human being just b/c of who they’re related to?? He didn’t commit the crimes – Manson’s followers did that. You don’t know anything about this man, but you’re willing to call him a lying pos? Why? What do you have to gain by putting down a fellow human? Sad.

          • Ali

            Yeah but it was on Manson’s orders not too mention other murders he actually took part in.
            For the love of Gon Sharon Tate was pregnant and begged for the life of her innocent unborn child.

  • LD

    If you can’t visit them in prison I would think you sure won’t be able to visit them in the hospital. I was on a relative visiting list but when he was in the hospital I was not allowed to visit him in the hospital.

  • Lou Ann Hidey

    Why all of a sudden does he even want to visit his grandfather, why hasn’t he tried before? I think they maybe worried about him trying something stupid? After all he has lost his father and now might lose Charles. My opinion, cheap publicity.

    • Ali

      Whole heartedly.

  • Ali

    If it’s true..Perhaps the only decent thing that monster ever did was trying to keep is grandson away.