These Famous Names Got Busted — But It’s Not What You Think

Pablo Escobar [New York Police Department]

Is that a celebrity’s name trending? Did a famous person get arrested? Maybe, maybe not. Check out these suspected criminals who sound familiar!

Were Robin Williams and Tupac Busted With an Amazing Amount of Weed in Arizona?

It’s weird to think of those two hanging out, but even weirder when you remember that they’re both deceased. Afterlife pot party?

The pickup and the pot [Arizona Department of Public Safety]

The pickup and the pot [Arizona Department of Public Safety]

When Arizona troopers pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation, they didn’t expect anything resembling what they fund. Over the course of the stop, officers said they “observed indicators” of activity that wasn’t exactly legal. It’s not clear from reports what said activity happened to be, but it was enough for them to call in a K-9 unit. The K-9 officers went over the vehicle, and got a hit on an equipment- and tool-box. Inside that box they found five large bags of marijuana, weighing a combined 114 pounds. The estimated street value was $69,000. Three suspects, all from Albuquerque, were arrested: 19-year-old Tupac Crum, 21-year-old Robin Williams, and Erick Harris. [WTAE] [New York Post]

Was Patrick Dempsey Charged With Murder In Oakland?

Many were surprised to see the name of the suspect accused of shooting a 27-year-old man in Oakland over the summer. Patrick Dempsey was arrested and charged with the murder of Spencer Reboredo in July of this year. Dempsey was apprehended just two blocks from where Reboredo was shot and killed after a reported fight over a car. Dempsey was also charged with possessing a firearm as a felon. This isn’t, however, 50-year-old Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy fame. This Patrick Dempsey, 39, remains in the Santa Rita Jail without bail awaiting his next court appearance. [Fugitive Watch]

Is Pablo Escobar Stealing From Little Girls In Queens?

Pablo Escobar [New York Police Department]

Pablo Escobar [New York Police Department]

The late, legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar wouldn’t be so desperate as to snatch a gold chain from around the neck of a four-year-old girl, would he? However, 22-year-old Pablo Escobar of Queens proved himself the lamest 2.0 version of any infamous criminal we’ve seen to date. This Escobar was spotted in security video below appearing to even bend down to the toddler’s level to talk with her before snatching the chain from her neck and running off. His rap sheet is long, and would be small potatoes to the infamous Escobar. Escobar was finally arrested for this theft a few weeks later on September 30. He was convicted on third-degree felony grand larceny, and remains in the custody of the New York City Department of Corrections. [New York Daily News]

Vladimir Putin Busted in a Palm Beach Publix?

Vladimir Putin [Palm Beach Sheriff's Office]

Vladimir Putin [Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office]

While many around the world would like to put Vladimir Putin behind bars, this isn’t the answer to their prayers. This Vladimir Putin is a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida. In August 2016, Florida’s Putin was arrested after he began screaming at the employees of a local Publix supermarket. When the store managers tried to get him to leave, Putin refused. He later told police that he had missed his ride. When police asked for his name, he reportedly refused to give it. Putin was charged with resisting/obstructing an officer without violence. [CNN]

Main photo: Pablo Escobar [New York Police Department]


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