Investigator Believes Colorado Teen Holly Moore’s “Suicide” Was a Homicide

UPDATE: Due to increased attention for the case, Holly’s family has increased the reward for more information from $10,000 to $50,000. Go to the official Facebook page to learn more.

CASTLE ROCK, CO — In the weeks leading up to March 6, 2015, Holly Moore, 19, had been battling depression, caring full time for her quadriplegic mother, and going through a nasty conflict with an ex-boyfriend.

Thus, when Holly was discovered hanged to death in her bathroom closet, it made sense to conclude that the teenager had killed herself. Holly’s father, Ray Moore, however, never believed that could be true.

Even after Castle Rock police and the Douglas County Coroner ruled the death a suicide, Ray Moore hired the renowned Dr. Selma Eikelenboom of Independent Forensic Services to look for further evidence of foul play.

Following her examination of X-rays, DNA samples, and other clues, Dr. Eikelboom determined that Holly Moore was likely murdered, saying: “The more we investigate, the more indications we get that this is indeed a homicide and not a suicide.”

Local TV outlet KDVR consulted former Arapahoe County Coroner and forensic pathologist Dr. Mike Dobersen for a second opinion. He concurred with the private doctor’s findings regarding the nature of Holly’s injuries, saying: “I think a police investigation is certainly warranted to fill in the gaps that appear to be in this case.”

After new challenges to the previous rulings from esteemed experts, police have turned over Holly’s case to state investigators.

Holly Moore certainly did not seem to have an easy life. During her final days, she fought intensely with her former boyfriend Steven, who accused her of being sexually involved with her roommate.

The last message Holly sent from her phone went to Steven. It contained a picture of her thigh with his and others’ names written on it in red ink, accompanied by the statement: “You don’t even deserve a goodbye.”

April Moore, Holly’s sister, claims that Steven was physically abusive, saying “I saw [Steven] lifting her up with just one hand and Holly was off the ground almost a foot. Holly was turning red, she couldn’t breathe. She was saying, ‘stop, stop, stop!’”

A witness to a separate documented incident reported to police that Steven “put [Holly] in a chokehold to get her to pass out.”

In addition, police listened to a message Steven left on Holly’s voicemail in which he raged, “Don’t you f—- hang up on me. You ain’t never seen me f—- mean Holly. Don’t ever tell me that I’m like my sister’s ex-husband. You don’t f— know him. I (would) love to kill him. I’d love to. No one would have to pay me to kill him. I’d do thats— for free.”

Nonetheless, Castle Rock authorities maintain that Steven is not a person of interest in this case.

Ray Moore has pledged to go on with the fight, stating: “We have not had a chance to grieve. We’ve been doing the detective work of the police. I will never quit. I will get her justice.”

Citing the financial drain of the ongoing efforts, the Moore family is asking for donations to pay for further examinations and deeper investigations via The Holly Moore Memorial Foundation.

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