“Make Yourself At Home”: 3 Goofy Burglars Busted Getting Comfy At Crime Scenes

WGN News video screenshot

Typically, when it comes to residential breaking-and-entering crimes, the violator is a thief who is looking to load up on loot fast and hightail it away from the scene in a hurry.

In the following cases, however, the violators opted to stick around for a while and cozy up. Naturally, that’s how they got caught.

1. Break-In Suspect Caught Wearing Homeowner’s Clothes, Smoking in Victim’s Bed

YORKTOWN, VA — On December 31, William Phillips returned home to discover a package of salmon he was expecting had been opened, and someone had helped themselves to half the fish therein. Phillips then smelled smoke coming from the bedroom, and then walked in on Samuel Ciopasiu, a homeless man, wearing Phillips’ clothes while sprawled out on the sheets and puffing on a cigarette.

Ciopasiu fled the scene and Phillips gave chase, tackling the suspect and holding him for the cops. Later it was discovered that Ciopasiu had taken a dip in Phillips’ jacuzzi and was washing his own outfit.

Phillips told the press, “I felt bad that he had the need to do what he did; I don’t feel bad that he got caught or he’s in jail.” [WGN]

2. Thief Sneaks Into Apartment, Invites Backpage Escort and Other Women to Party There
GAINESVILLE, FL — Homeowners called police after returning to their residence and finding Walter Gerardo Gonzalez, 20, asleep on their couch. The couple also reported that multiple items were missing, including two televisions, a computer, and an Amazon Echo.

Walter Gerardo Gonzalez, Alachua County Jail

Walter Gerardo Gonzalez [Alachua County Jail]

Gonzalez confessed to the thefts, which he had committed on a Sunday. He had then returned to their house the next day to meet up with a professional escort from the erotic services website, Backpage.

Gonzalez also invited other females over to party at the burgled home, offering them cash and erotic photos in exchange for their company.

At present, Gonzalez is held at the Alachua County Jail in lieu of a $125,000 bond. [The Gainseville Sun]

3. Drunk Student Uses Broom to Commit Break-In, Curls Up With It, Falls Asleep
GAINESVILLE, FL — University of Florida student Christian Chambers Kobes, 20, told police he has no recollection as to how he broke into a local home, set off an alarm, and summoned police who then discovered him passed out holding a broom.

Christian Chambers Kobes, Alachua County Jail

Christian Chambers Kobes [Alachua County Jail]

The suspect did, however, admit that he’d started the night out drinking.

It became clear that the intoxicated Kobes wandered up to the house, discovered a broom in the backyard, and used it to shatter a window. He then climbed inside, clutching the sweeping device, and dozed off.

Authorities took Kobes to Alachua County Jail and charged him with burglary, criminal mischief, and resisting an officer without violence. [Palm Beach Post]

Main image: Samuel Ciopasiu [WGN News video/screenshot]