Bateman Skincare Line, Inspired by “American Psycho,” Is, Uh, Cruelty-Free

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho" [promotional image]

Patrick Bateman does pay intense attention to grooming. In fact, the homicidal anti-hero of American Psycho (both the 1991 best-selling novel and the 2000 cult film) obsessively details his personal-care products and their ritual application to an extent that can only be deemed, well, “psycho.”

Now comes Bateman Skincare, an unofficial tie-in line of creams, gels, cleansers, and other beautifying epidermal upkeep products inspired by the killer 1980s Wall Street yuppie who was initially created by author Bret Easton Ellis, and then turned into a horror-cinema icon by actor Christian Bale.

Employing ironic contrast to Patrick Bateman’s signature murderous mayhem-making, Bateman Skincare’s unisex products are “vegan and cruelty-free, with respect to the harmony of our surroundings that are continuously disrupted by our imbalanced nature.”

The company’s manifesto statement is even a parody of American Psycho‘s hyper-conscious, self-consumed prose:

“We move through life feeling like outsiders, like we don’t belong but at some point we all find what is best suited for us. Every drop of Bateman Skincare enhances your life with a sharp and detail-oriented aesthetic that maintains an ethical stance… Bateman Skincare unisex products cannot solve the world’s problems, but they will help you with your inner self and create a safe place for you to tackle the day appropriately without needing affirmation from anyone but yourself, because you are your own best asset.”

In addition to Daily Hyaluronic Serum, Rose Hip/Seaweed Cleanser, Herbal Balancing Toner, and the like, Bateman Skincare offers sleek silver axe and chainsaw lapel pins, delivered on a top-of-the-line business card, just like the American Psycho himself uses. Coolest of all is their Regimen Attaché but, unfortunately at present, it’s sold out. Still, there’s no need to go on a a slaughter spree about it!

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Main photo: Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman [Wikimedia Commons]



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