Toy Reviewer Pamela Marks Opens Package From Toy Company, Finds 7 Pounds of Pot

seven pounds of marijuana [CBS6]

VALATIE, NY — Toy companies regularly send products to Upstate New York resident Pamela Marks, so she can review them on Marksville and Me, her popular, family-friendly website.

Marks recently opened a package from JAKKS Pacific, a California-based company that manufactures tie-in toys for Disney, Nintendo, and other organizations. What Marks found, though, was no mere plaything — it was seven pounds of marijuana.

Marks said she thought something was amiss on first sight, stating: “I took the sharp object and started slitting one of the plastic containers, and a big woof of skunk smell came out at me, and I knew right then and there that I had the wrong thing.”

The mother of six immediately contacted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department. Authorities seized the marijuana, and an investigation is under way.

In parting, Marks added: “I was quite surprised. It’s very bizarre. Anybody who knows me knows I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. So for me to get this package was totally one in a million.”

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Main photo: seven pounds of marijuana [CBS6]

  • Dion Simmonds

    she knew what skunk smelled like somehow

  • Phoebe

    say nothing about it and just smoke it, what the heeeeeeeell hahahahahahaha

  • Broodwich 2

    LMAO sent it to the WRONG person,,,

    im ded