Woman Arrested After Attempting To Smuggle Lover Out Of Prison In A Suitcase

A woman was arrested in a Venezuelan prison after she tried to break her boyfriend out by stuffing him into a large, hot pink suitcase and wheeling him out.

Antonieta Robles Saouda, 25, went to the Jose Antonio Anzoategui prison with her six-year-old daughter to visit her lover, Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia, according to the Central European News agency.

But prison staff became suspicious when she struggled to move the heavy piece of luggage.

Guards unzipped the baggage to inspect it, and discovered her boyfriend twisted and contorted inside the bag, surrounded by some of his daughter’s toys.

After discovering the suspect, authorities snapped a photo of the couple — and one of Garcia inside the case — and both have been shared thousands of times on social media.

Garcia, who is serving a nearly ten-year sentence for a car robbery, was immediately thrown back in jail. Saouda was also arrested and their daughter was taken into temporary custody by social services.

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Main photos: Samsonite Pro suitcase [Wikimedia Commons]


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