Elvis’s Granddaughters In Protective Custody Over What Lisa Marie Found On Her Husband’s Computer

Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley [Entertainment Tonight/screenshot]

The King must be rolling in his grave.

Elvis Presley’s twin granddaughters have been taken into state custody by social workers after their mom, Lisa Marie Presley, claimed she found “disturbing” photos and videos of children on their father’s computer.

Finley and Harper Lockwood, both 8, are now in the care of California’s Department of Children and Family Services, according to shocking court papers seen by the Daily Mail.

Lisa Marie Presley, 49, alleges she found the stash of pictures and videos on fourth husband Michael Lockwood’s computer.

“I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach,” Presley, who is the only child of Elvis Presley, said in the court papers.

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Presley revealed that Beverly Hills Police Department found and confiscated more than 80 devices of Lockwood’s during a raid on her home.

“My understanding is that Tennessee law enforcement is also conducting an investigation related to the photos and videos that I discovered,” she said, according to the documents. Presley stated that she fears that more disturbing photos and evidence will be found after the devices are investigated.

Presley also alleges that Lockwood, 55, sexually abused and neglected her during their marriage. Presley married Lockwood, a musician, in 2006 in a lavish $340,000 ceremony in Kyoto, Japan. They separated last June, and are currently battling over money. Lockwood is demanding $40,000 per month in spousal support and $100,000 toward his legal costs.

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Presley checked herself into rehab for drug and alcohol treatment after their separation. She claims nearly all of her $300 million fortune is gone, and said Lockwood has spent over a million dollars of her separate property without her consent. Presley is reportedly broke and living with her daughter, actress Riley Keough star of Mad Max: Fury Road and The Girlfriend Experience.

A trial date has been set for March to determine what will happen to the children in the future.

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Main photo: Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley [Entertainment Tonight/screenshot]

  • Shelley OBrien

    I can’t imagine Lisa Presley broke. Seems Elvis estate would bring millions bring each year; then again, we got a generation that thinks Bieber, Aranda Grande, Bejonce, etc are the best ever. If weren’t for lip syncing, sound production( ? makes voice sound better), they’d be nothing except dancers.

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  • Lori Fornwalt

    elvis is probably rolling in his grave god rest his soul

  • Mark Marcum

    They are both freaks

  • Carolyn Lee

    shes is one stupid foolish woman given everything on a silver platter and still is useless

  • Julie Benedict

    Wow the level of hatefulness in these comments is off the charts. It’s especially sad that no one has yet to express concern or empathy for the children involved here. I hope you all at least feel better about yourselves after judging and bashing strangers you think you know, solely because thier lives are in the public eye. There’s so much hate and ugliness out there in the world right now. But we could always use more, right? Great job everyone.

  • Martha Bartha

    4th marriage! C’mon.

  • ReliableMoth

    Good for her for reporting it and getting her children away from the sicko

  • Laurie Anne

    It all goes to show that money certainly doesn’t buy happiness. My heart goes out to those poor children. :'(