Blood In The Streets: Brazilian City’s Police Strike, Murder Rate Soars By 650%

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The murder rate in one Brazilian city has soared by 650 per cent in just three days after police officers went on strike.

Military troops had to be deployed in the state of Espírito Santo after looting, rape and murders broke out on Saturday, leaving dead bodies littering blood-soaked streets in scenes that many have compared to a real-life version of 2014 horror movie The Purge. 

Since the strikes began there have been 52 reported homicides, according to Plus 55.

This compares to 802 recorded murders in the state capital of Victoria in the whole of 2015.

Horrific video has emerged of people randomly shooting at pedestrians, running the streets with machetes, robbing stories and setting fires after police staged a walk-out over conditions and wages,

Protests have also forced the shutdown of heath services and schools – and even football matches have been cancelled due to dangerous conditions.

Many people are trapped inside their homes: The protests calling for higher pay began this weekend outside military police barracks across the small, coastal state and have prevented vehicles from leaving.

Civil police intervened to try and stop the violence, and shot at least one man in the leg.

Around 1,200 federal troops began arriving Monday night to help patrol the streets after they were reportedly requested by the state government.

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