Casey Anthony Spotted At Anti-Trump March To Mar-A-Lago

Casey Anthony outside the Mar-a-Lago [WPTVNews/screenshot]

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — Casey Anthony was spotted at an anti-Trump protest on Saturday in West Palm Beach.

The Florida native, who was controversially found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee in July 2011, was one of the estimated 3,000 protesters in the march to Mar-a-Lago, which President Trump refers to as the “Winter White House.”

Anthony reportedly lives in Palm Beach County, but rarely appears in public.

Anthony declined to speak on camera, but told the station she is against President Trump’s policies, according to WPTV.

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One protester told reporters that the protest started as a demonstration against the immigration ban but later “evolved” to include a wider range of issues. The march, organized by South Florida Activism and Women’s March Florida PBC, made it to within 25 yards of Mar-a-Largo.

After the protesters left, Palm Beach Police tweeted the march was peaceful and that there had been no arrests.

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Main photo: Casey Anthony outside the Mar-a-Lago [WPTVNews/screenshot]

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