Live Enema Performance For Cancer Benefit Splatters Audience In Disgusting Filth

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Audience members had a crappy time at the Sonic Rabbit Hole show in Houston last weekend. The band is being accused of playing too dirty with their live performance, which involved the use of an enema on stage.

The two-person group took the stage, and singer Michael Clemmons proceeded to pull down his pants while his trusty bandmate administered an enema to him. It got nasty quickly as the enema bag and hose burst, spewing out over the audience, splattering the contents everywhere and all over viewers.

The venue owner says Clemmons defecated onstage and it was human filth that splattered everywhere. The stinky show caused the bartender to vomit and sent shocked viewers running for the bathroom.

But Clemmons insists it was simply a protein shake that sprayed, not his own feces. He blamed the nauseating smell on a stink bomb.

The truly poopy part? It was meant to be a benefit show for a cancer patient. The artist remains unapologetic and doesn’t understand why he’s getting attention, saying, “What I did is not all that out-there…This is my art.”

Check out Sonic Rabbit Hole’s art in this video from a gig in Houston from earlier this year. Don’t worry, there is no enema involved!

After that epic fail of a benefit, a GoFundMe has been set up for the cancer patient.

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Main photo: ThinkStock



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