“Moors Murderer” Ian Brady: Hints Dug Up Shotgun Is His, Still Trying To Kill Himself

Ian Brady [Wikipedia]

MERSEYSIDE, ENGLAND — Much is suddenly ado in the nightmarish world of British serial slayer Ian Brady.

First, searchers have turned up potentially stunning new evidence against Brady by finding a shotgun the killer has hinted may be his.

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Secondly, the terminally ill 79-year-old convict, who has been held in a prison hospital since 2003, is fighting for state funding to get his favorite lawyer to argue for his right to starve himself to death.

Many observers are hopeful on both counts.

Between 1963 and ’65, Brady and his girlfriend Myra Hindley killed five children in string of sexually sadistic homicides that still chill the blood and can make even the most hardened true-crime buffs woozy.

Brady and Hindley’s horrific crimes became known as the “Moors murders” due to victims bodies being discovered on Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester.

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The remains of the couple’s final victim, 12-year-old Keith Bennett, have never been recovered, despite years of pleas for info from Winnie Johnson, Keith’s mother. Poor Winnie died in 2002 without being able to properly lay her son to rest.

Last year, however, Brady reportedly tipped Dr. Alan Keightly as to where on Saddleworth Moor the boy was buried. Searchers acting on that information unearthed an antique double-barreled Elbar shotgun wrapped in plastic buried near the spot Brady specified.

Keith Bennett, Moors murder victim [Wikipedia]

Keith Bennett, Moors murder victim [Wikipedia]

In January, Brady indicated that that the weapon they found was the one he used to kill Keith Bennett, and that there may be more still stashed on the moors. In a letter to a TV reporter, Brady wrote: “Shotgun? I had two shotguns, two revolvers, two rifles, and an automatic, strategically placed. The police only got the revolvers and one rifle.”

So far, forensics tests have not linked the badly decayed gun to any crimes, but it will continue to be poked, prodded, and studied.

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In the meantime, Brady has been tying up British courts since 2013 in an effort to get transferred from his present hospital confinement back to a proper prison so he can more easily starve to death.

At present, Brady is upset that Robin Makin, his lawyer, can’t get a tax-funded legal-aid grant to argue on behalf of the killer’s right to kill himself. The court has repeatedly made clear that Brady has access to an array of other attorneys who will work for him on the public’s ten-pence-piece. Still, Brady has applied for a Judicial Review, insisting that Makin and only Makin must represent him.

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The proudly confessed torturer, rapist, and murderer of other humans claims that his potentially having to work with any other lawyer is a violation of his own “human rights.”  Formally responding to Brady’s court filing, the Lord Chancellor on the case wrote, “There is no human right to publicly funded legal representation of a person’s choosing, where civil proceedings are concerned.”

An official decision on whether Brady will get his Judicial Review is expected within the next few months. Maybe he’ll die somehow while waiting, which should make him happy. And he won’t be alone.

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