Polygamist “Lord” Sends “Ninja” Sister-Wives To Kill Teen He Sexually Abused

Tylynn Southwick (left) and Raven Blackwing mug shots [KUTV news video screenshot]

WEST JORDAN, UT — Kain Blackwing, 47, a polygamist whose three wives referred to him as “Lord,” has been charged for dispatching two of those spouses — Raven Blackwing, 22, and Tylynn Southwick, 19 — to kill a teenage girl he was convicted of sexually abusing.

The sister-wives literally dressed in full ninja regalia for their mission. Talk about a “creepy crawl.”

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Four days before the teen was slated to testify against Kain, Raven and Tylynn allegedly broke into the home of Elizabeth Griego, the girl’s mother. Prior to the court date, that’s where the girl had been staying.

The “ninja wives” wore head-to-toe black outfits, including masks and hoods. They brandished pistols, formaldehyde, a stun gun, a knife, a screwdriver, syringes, plastic wrap, matches, and an arm tourniquet.

When Jeremy Beck, Griego’s fiancé, confronted one of the invaders, actual swordplay became necessary. He said,

“She came at me with a stun gun, and I instinctively blocked it with my arm, and I hit her in the head, then proceeded to jump on top of her. I grabbed my sword on the mantle, unsheathed it and told her to sit down, that if she moved, she would lose body parts.”

Beck is Kain Blackwing’s half-brother. The siblings have been estranged since 2014, when Kain was convicted of sex abuse against the then-14-year-old girl.

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The ninja-wives told police that Kain ordered them to kill the girl so that charges against him would be dropped.

Kain Blackwing [West Jordan Police Department handout]

Kain Blackwing [West Jordan Police Department handout]

On top of the original case, Kain is presently in jail facing multiple counts of rape, forcible sodomy, and forcible sexual abuse.

The alleged victim in that 2015 incident was — get ready — Tylynn Southwick, one of the ninja-wives. She was 17 at the time. Is every aspect of this case insanely complicated? Short answer: yes, yes, and yes.

In orchestrating the ninja-wives attack, Kain Blackwing and his actual legal wife, Theresa Baker, 25, concocted a mass-murder plot over 11 weeks.

The grand plan was for the ninja-wives to suffocate the teenager with plastic, and then make it look like Beck and Griego accidentally overdosed on heroin. Their code for this mission was “playing a videogame,” and they referred to the key figures as “Boss,” “Juggernaut,” and “Target.”

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The two ninjas among the sister-wives have been convicted of aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, and retaliation against a witness or victim. Raven Blackwing has been sentenced to up to 15 years in Utah State Prison. She reportedly has shown no remorse for what she has done, and even insists that her actions were “divine.”



Tylynn Southwick received the comparatively light sentence of probation — the court agreed that she was a victim, who had been brainwashed by Kain Blackwing. In contrast to Raven, she regretfully calls the incident “the biggest mistake of her life,” and pledges to help make sure that a similar fate does not befall other young women.

“Lord” Kain Blackwing is scheduled to be back in court on February 28 in regard to the 2015 sex charges. For the ninja-wife attack, he also faces felony counts of solicitation for aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, and attempted aggravated murder.

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Main photos: Tylynn Southwick (left) and Raven Blackwing mug shots [KUTV news video screenshot]



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