“Valentine’s Season Killer” Charged With Murdering, Dismembering Teens — Including Rashawn Brazell

Kwauhuru Govan in court [screenshot]

The Brooklyn man who has been charged with the 2004 murder of a 17-year-old girl may also be responsible for the long-unsolved killing and dismemberment of Rashawn Brazell in 2005.

Kwauhuru Govan was charged in November 2016 with murdering Sharabia Thomas, who vanished on her way to school in Bedford-Stuyvesant for a field trip. Her body parts were found in two laundry bags the next day.

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Sharabia Thomas [Brooklyn DA]

Sharabia Thomas [Brooklyn DA]

Almost exactly a year later, Rashawn Brazell failed to show up for a Valentine’s Day lunch with his mother on February 14, 2005. Some of the 19-year-old’s body parts were found by a transit worker in trash bags in a subway tunnel near the Nostrand Avenue “A” train platform. Another arm and hand were discovered later at a recycling plant in Greenpoint — but his head has never been found.

According to PIX11 News, DNA evidence found under the fingernails of Thomas tied Govan, who recently served time in Florida for robbery, to her murder.

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While Govan was imprisoned in Florida, investigators interrogated him in reference to the Brazell case. Govan claimed to have been out of state at the time of the killing, but that turned out to be a false statement. His answers contained other inconsistencies, but he did admit to knowing Brazell.

In a followup investigation, authorities learned “certain information and evidence linking Govan to this killing,” according to the NYPD Chief of Detectives.

Rumors have circulated for years about the murderer having a connection to the subway system, and evidence including a black tool bag with Brazell’s blood on it, but the perpetrator has remained a mystery for over a decade.

Govan, 38, caused a dramatic scene in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday when NYPD detectives and court officers dragged him into court kicking and screaming. It took more than a dozen officers to carry him into the room.

Kwauhuru Govan is innocent! I can’t even dissect a frog,” the suspect yelled, adding: “Is this what America has come to? Is this what President Trump will allow?”

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Because Govan refused to allow police to fingerprint him in connection with the second murder charge, the judge ordered that Govan be returned to jail and come back to court today.

District Attorney Eric Gonzalez says he plans to hold a news briefing with the victim’s mother, Desire Brazell.

I didn’t get to look on him again,” Desire Brazell told PIX11 in a 2014 interview. “No one deserves to end up being thrown away, like they’re just trash.”

Investigators say it is not clear yet if Govan is a serial killer, but the NYPD chief of detectives have said that there “may be more” victims. They are currently considering him in at least two other unsolved murder cases.

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Main photo: Kwauhuru Govan in Brooklyn Supreme Court [Time News/YouTube (screenshot)]



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