Nightmare Date Led To A Year Of Captivity And Torture


LONDON, UK — Internet dating comes with risks, and most people have had a regrettable hookup or two. But this woman has claimed that she was beaten and kept as an unpaid slave by her date — and his sister — in a bizarre court case unfolding in the UK.

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Colin Leacock, 34 (left), has been cleared of raping the 37-year-old victim, who claimed that he forced her to give him oral sex at his home in London after they met on the popular dating site in 2015.

But Colin’s sister Mandy, 36 (right), has pleaded guilty to assault charges for battering the woman, pouring bleach on her in the bath, and pulling her hair out.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Mandy told the woman, who suffers from anxiety and depression, she “wasn’t good enough” for her brother when they were first dating in early 2015.

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Mandy then forced her to move into a home in Maida Vale, and told the victim that she “needed to prove she was capable of cooking and cleaning,” according to lawyers, and used her as an unpaid maid while beginning a series of assaults. She was also made to sleep on the floor.

Mandy made the victim sit in the bath, the court heard, while bleach was poured on her skin. On other occasions, Mandy grabbed the victim by the hair and she was “swung round so that chunks of her hair were pulled out.”

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It was claimed that Colin joined in with some of the beatings. Although he has claimed the sex was consensual and denies ever assaulting the alleged victim. The woman told jurors how she was assaulted “every day,” adding:

I felt humiliated. I didn’t cry, because I got that used to it at the time. I got used to getting hit, that’s why I didn’t cry. I haven’t got proper emotions.”

The victim overdosed twice after living in a “state of fear, of depression, being bullied and controlled.”

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Police became involved in May 2016 after the victim walked into a local shop and spoke to staff, who sent her for medical help.

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