3 Women Missing In Ohio: A Murder Could Be The Connection — Can You Help?

Amber Flack (left), Brandy English (center), Melinda Miller [Middetown Police Department handout]

MIDDLETOWN, OH — Since May 2016, three women in Middletown, Ohio — Brandy English, 41; Amber Flack, 30; and Melinda Miller, 47— have simply disappeared.

As police are working to locate the trio, one question keeps coming up: Can there be a connection … or, perhaps more pointedly, how can there not be a connection?

In the meantime, perhaps you can help find them.

Adding intrigue and potential danger to the disappearances is that Brandy English, who was the first to vanish last May, was actively helping authorities with the homicide investigation into the murder of her friend, Lindsay Bogan.

Amber Flack disappeared next, in August. She, too, was friendly with English.

As for Melinda Miller, family members say they last heard from her on February 19, and that it’s unusual for her to not be in contact. Miller’s son is said to be unable to sleep out of worry.

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Lieutenant Jim Cunningham of the Middletown Police Department said that all three missing women had arrest records for drug use and prostitution. They hung around the known crime area at the intersection of Manchester and Central Avenues.

Cunningham added: “They are missing persons at this point … We are in contact with direct family members in these cases. We are following up on leads and served multiple search warrants.”

Amid indications that English may be hiding out to avoid blowback from the Bogan case, and that Flack may have fled to Florida, investigators face challenges in gathering information due to all three women’s high-risk, transient lifestyles.

Anyone with any information about Brandy English, Amber Flack, or Melinda Miller is asked to contact Middletown police as soon as possible at (513) 425-7700.

If you are in search of a missing person, make sure to enter their information into the database of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

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Main photos: Amber Flack (left), Brandy English (center), Melinda Miller [Middetown Police Department handout]



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