Is The “Bling Ring” Back? Recent Rash Of Celebrity Home Burglaries

LOS ANGELES, CA — Police in Los Angeles are reportedly investigating whether a series of recent burglaries of celebrity homes could be connected.

Kendall Jenner was the latest to be hit: On March 16, she called police at 1:15 A.M. and claimed that burglars stole up to $200,000 worth of belongings from her Hollywood Hills home.

Kendall Jenner [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Kendall Jenner [Wikimedia Commons]

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In February, burglars took a reported $2 million from singer Alanis Morissette’s safe, and Lakers star Nick Young was robbed of property worth $500,000.

Other recent celebrity victims include Dodger Yasiel Puig, ex-Laker Derek Fisher, and hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj.

Celebrity homes have long been the target of burglars looking for the big score. In 2008, a group of Calabasas-based teens nicknamed the “Bling Ring” used social-media accounts to research the movements of stars including Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton — and figure out what luxury goods they kept at home — so that they could rob them.

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A few years later, another group of burglars robbed $7 million worth of loot from safes in the hillside homes of singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, former Hollywood executive Sherry Lansing, and Duran Duran’s John Taylor.

Law-enforcement sources familiar with the investigations said officials are still not sure if there are any links among the robberies. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed that he had spoken to the Los Angeles police chief, and said “We don’t think any of the celebrity burglary cases are related,” according to the Los Angeles Times. 

They say that there are some similarities among the cases, for instance, in two of the incidents, thieves stole safes, but evidence is still being gathered.

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In the Alanis Morissette burglary on February 9, someone got away with a safe that contained about $2 million worth of vintage jewels. The “Jagged Little Pill” singer had reportedly posted some of the swag on social media. Following the burglary, Morissette posted positive messages of peace and healing on Instagram.

sometimes, in sweet artistic forms, it is nice to know you are surrounded by so much goodness.

A post shared by Alanis Morissette (@alanis) on


Young’s home was robbed on February 18 or 19, according to law-enforcement sources. The suspect reportedly broke in through a rear window and pulled the safe from a wall while he was away competing in a shooting contest at the NBA’s All-Star weekend.

Many of the other celebrities were away at the time their homes were invaded as well. Puig was at spring training in Arizona when a collection of high-end watches and jewelry worth $170,000 was taken. Minaj and Fisher were also out of town when their homes were hit.

The celebrity enclave of Tarzana has also been targeted. In 2016, comedian Kevin Hart had $500,000 in valuables stolen from his Tarzana home and $200,000 was taken from model Blac Chyna’s house.

Comedian Kevin Hart was also targeted [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Comedian Kevin Hart was also targeted [Wikimedia Commons]

According to TMZ, some sources believe that the burglaries are not technically connected, but that the increase is happening due to recent legislation that addressed prison overcrowding by ordering the release of a number of nonviolent criminals.

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TMZ also reports that many of the celebrity victims do have alarm systems — but did not turn them on since they assumed that they lived in a safe area.

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Los Angeles Times 


Main photo: Hollywood as seen from the Hollywood sign [Wikimedia Commons]

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