Could Human Skull Found In Long Island Field Be Related To LISK Case?

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK — Suffolk County police are investigating a detached skull that was found by a hunter in a Long Island field on Friday.

The hunter, who chose to remain anonymous, said he was following deer tracks off a hiking trail in Middle Island when he spotted the remains. “When I got closer, I saw the filings in the teeth,” the hunter told the New York Post. He continued:

I guarantee it was there a long time, over five years. There was no flesh, no hair, you could see fatigue cracks in the skull from being dried in the sun. I also saw one side of the jaw, maybe two arm bones, a collarbone, vertebrae.”

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The case brought back memories of the Gilgo Beach killings, in which the remains of at least 10 victims — and possibly as many as 17 — of the Long Island Serial Killer have been found.

Middle Island is about 10 miles west of Manorville, where the body of 20-year-old Jessica Taylor was found in 2003. This was about a mile east of where the original Gilgo victims were located.

Suffolk County police say it is too early to determine whether these remains are related to any of the Gilgo cases.

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Main photo: Close-up of a human skull [Wikimedia Commons]



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