Judge Throws Drunk Driver’s Mom In Jail For Laughing At Victim’s Family In Court

A criminal’s mother wound up in jail herself after a judge found her laughing and smiling and acting wildly out of line in a Michigan courtroom.

Amanda Kosal, 25, was being sentenced for a deadly drunk-driving crash — a crash that killed Jerome Zirker, 31, and severely injured his fiancée Brittany Johnson. Kosal admitted she was drunk and pleaded guilty, according to Click On Detroit. She cried in court as the victim’s family read a heartbreaking impact statement.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator’s mom Donna laughed and smiled with her boyfriend — interrupting the victim statement about Zirker, who was a father of five. Wayne County Judge Qiana Lillard immediately shut down the “disruptive and disrespectful behavior.” Her reaction has gone viral, viewed more than 23 million times in this video.

She showed Donna and her “clown” boyfriend the door, sentencing the mom to 93 days in jail, reports the New York Post. After an apology and one night in jail, Lillard generously and graciously cut her sentence by 92 days.

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Main photo: Donna Kosal [WDIV/Click On Detroit screenshot]

  • TMT

    The judge should have let the sentence stand.

    • Nellie Richardson

      she did, the original sentence was 93 days, the woman spent one night in jail and had re sentence reduced to 92 days. Add one night to 92 days and the original sentence stands.

      • dvmkathymurf

        No, she reduced the sentence by 92 days which means the sentence was one day – read the article.

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  • Kathy Bond

    That judge did a great job. Good for her.

  • Terri Adams

    Love this Judge 💜💚💛

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  • Michael Jenkins

    Horrible but if you let the judge do this then any speech or expression can land you in jail. Good bye 1st amendment.

    • wendimaroon

      Your rights are not absolute. Ever hear the saying about yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre? Think of that crowded theatre as the courtroom door…you do not have the right of free speech in a courtroom. Seems pretty obvious to me why…

    • Julie Cyburt

      No, you can’t be disruptive in a court of law. You don’t have a protected right to do so. Share one court case that is a president showing you can be disruptive in court and it’s protected by 1st Amendment. You won’t find one.

      • Mickey Donovan

        Psssst… *precedent* Don’t be influenced by Trump’s example.

        • Julie Cyburt

          lol! Thanks

        • Julie Cyburt

          My phone sneaks in autocorrects and it drives me nuts.

    • Denise Rae Groce

      She is in a courtroom and her 1st Amendment rights doesn’t apply nor is it relevant to the case at hand.

  • Cheryl Casale

    I would not of cut her days I would of made them do 93 days.

  • ImOpining

    And that’s what she chose to wear to a courthouse?