Should “Child Sex Robots” Be Available To Pedophiles?

Norway customs officials showcase one of the dolls seized at Oslo Airport [Norway Customs Administration]

Scandinavian experts are urging the use of realistic sex dolls created to look like children in a bid to stop pedophiles from abusing real victims. Ads for the dolls on the Dark Web boast that they look like “real human children” as young as age five, and are “soft as a human body.”

Police have spoken out against the dolls, saying that people who buy them run the risk of abusing real children in the future. Norwegian cops revealed that they impounded more than 20 of the child-like sex dolls, which are banned in Norway, during the past six months.

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Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service says those who have ordered the dolls are men aged between 18 and 60, some of whom have been convicted of sex crimes against kids.

In an open letter to the Norwegian authorities, the Sexpo Foundation in Finland argues that the dolls could act as a deterrent. Sexpo executive director Tommi Paalanen writes:

Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires. Sex dolls are one such channel. A person who uses a lot of money and effort to purchase the doll has already made the decision that he wants to carry out the sexual tendency. Therefore, it is important that the customs authorities or others concerned about the sex dolls actors do not hamper their availability.”

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In January, The Sun revealed how almost two dozen people have now been arrested on suspicion of owning child sex dolls.

What do you think? Would the use of a childlike sex doll make someone more or less likely to attempt to act out their desires on real children?

Read more:

The Sun

New York Post 

Main photo: Norway customs officials showcase one of the dolls seized at Oslo Airport [Norway Customs Administration]

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  • Bobbie Phillips

    Nope. Life shouldn’t be available to pedophiles.

    • Michelle Phillips Maher

      You are SO right!!!

      • vaca.kevin

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    • Softballumpire

      but here the thing bobbie your ingoring hte fact these pedohiles had there life trun upside down cause they were abused when younger so to them its “normal way of life” to us its not but really think before you comment if one doll can save a child life i say go for it

      • Thomas Lewis

        I agree that some Pedophiles were themselves victims, however if we are going to protect our children from these people we have to break the cycle. Sure it is sad if a Pedophile victim becomes a Pedophile, but I am sorry, we can not tolerate Pedophiles no matter how they became a Pedophile.

        • Softballumpire

          here the thing i don’t think we need to be killing anyone as i stated if this saves one child its worth it, more would be better but we can’t fault them cause of someone else. and than we have people can’t say you whom want to kil them but not being able to do abortion you cant have this or that

    • Chris Bagley


  • Martha Bartha

    Yes! Please Yes!

    • Marti Lynn Bartlett

      You’re a sick person yourself if you think it’s OK, either way you’re still a perverted low life!!

      • Martha Bartha

        Thank you.✌💗👁👁

      • juan carlos

        Kill your self!!

  • melanie faulkner

    And soon these pedophiles will tire of the dolls and those who have attacked a real child soon will and those who already have attacked a real child will soon be hunting again. I think this doll will only make the pedophiles want a child more than they already do.

    • Kenyatta Antionette La’Shae Wi

      That was my exact same thought…they will tire of it and desire the real thing and unfortunately not every child is safe from these vile people.

  • Samantha

    Well I personally think that this whole idea is disgusting and absolutely Ridiculous, I’m sorry but to those of you saying that these pedophiles DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER because they’ve been abused are absolutely WRONG!!! That should give them more of a reason to NOT hurt another child since they know how it feels, second, just because you molest children does NOT mean you were abused yourself!!!! I mean SERIOUSLY???? As a child grows they all learn right from wrong, it’s whether they choose to follow one or the other! These GROWN MEN know way better and know whn they go to put their hands on an innocent child that it is WRONG, They are mentally sick and need to be locked up and key thrown away FOREVER!! Most are repeat offenders and making this doll will only give these sick individuals something to do until they have the opportunity to get their disgusting hands on the real deal!!! This sickens me, I’m so ashamed of some of the stupid ideas, & laws and etc. This generation has been coming up with!!! What is wrong wth ppl anymore!!! Ughhhhhh!!!

    • juan carlos

      And also another thing look up the definition of pedophile because a pedophile is someone who has a sexual desire for children under the age of 13 BUT HAVE NOT TOUCHED ANY CHILDREN INAPPROPRIATELY!!!!!!!!

      • Samantha

        It doesn’t matter the definition, if a grown adult is fantasizing about being with a small child under the age of 13yrs old down to a small INNOCENT child or baby then to me that’s saying something isn’t right upstairs in their head!!! Why help them pursue those thoughts and give them a FAKE Lil child, eventually they will get tired of the FAKE & will try the REAL, that’s scary and I believe there’s a place for those type of ppl, and it’s no where near my children, grandchildren or anyone else’s child for that matter!

        • Todd Ambil

          Your completely right Samantha, I was a molested child and have never touched another. This world is sickening. Not all molested turn into pedifiles. But all PEDIFILES will try it and want the real thing. And there should not be options for these sick predators. Jailed or killed.

          • Samantha

            I’m so sorry!!!! I’m so glad that you’ve grown into a WONDERFUL person!!! I hope that great things come to you, that’s such a horrible ordeal to have to overcome, BUT you did it, and I sure hope the person responsible got what they deserved!!! All pedophiles deserve the worst that can ever happen!! I Def AGREE!!!

          • Nikki Callahan

            It’s a medical fact that pedophiles have intrusive thoughts and desires they can’t control. That doesn’t mean they can’t control their actions and behavior, though. I know pedophiles (and no, they aren’t just men) who have vowed to never marry, never have children, and lead miserable lives all to keep themselves from ever putting themselves in a situation to hurt a child.

            So you’re basically saying even those people should be jailed and are disgusting for urges they can’t control? Even when they go above and beyond to keep themselves from ever acting on it? You sound like an ignorant fool.

    • Savethechildren

      This just proves your ignorance do the reserch 73% of children who are abused become abusers of ine fashion or another yes children who suffer a one or two time experience know its wrong and dont but more often then not these children exsperience a lifetime of abuse over years they grow up being taught its normal and ok so as adults no they know society calls it wrong but they were conditioned to think otherwise i was raped one but my child experienced years of abuse and years of counceling and has all sorts of behaviors that they were taught is wrong by me but conditioning by their abuser over rides me at ever turn and no not all pedifiles were abused but most who are abused become abusers so its safe to say one day all pedifiles were once the victim’s if we dont find a way to brake the cycle and as taboo as it is if one of these dolls could have spared my child i would have bought it myself for their abuser

      • Samantha

        I’m just saying I think it’s disgusting and I just feel that it ONLY makes a pedophile feel IT’S OK to do that or wanna do it more to children!

      • Thomas Lewis

        If I had the chance to buy something for someone who was about to abuse my child it would not cost much but it would with out a doubt end the cycle.

  • Lycaeus

    If there’s even the slightest chance this could reduce risk to children, I say go for it, better a piece of rubber than a real child

  • djihmels

    They should offer them, keep track of who buys them and then get a search warrant. Men who are interested in such things need to be put in prison for the rest of their life and society should happily pay for this. It’s impossible to raise emotionally balanced children, around men like this.

    • Thomas Lewis

      I am opposed to the Death Penalty, but in this case….Kill them All and let God sort them out!

  • Kenneth Allen

    It looks like a very short girl big deal

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Remove the genital weapons they use after caught the first time.

  • Jane18

    I have heard some stupid things before, but I believe this may rank among the top most stupid! The dolls may help a while, but that will end! It is just a big waste of time and money on these very evil people!

  • Thomas Lewis

    It is a known fact that the majority of all Pedophiles do not learn from their mistakes. Even if they are arrested, convicted and do jail time, once they are back on the streets they will do it again. They have no respect, no remorse and no right to be patronized by anyone. These people are incurably sick and there is no way that their acts against children should be encouraged by some ridiculous notion that a lifelike doll will satisfy their sick desires. I agree with all the others, its a bad idea, Unless you let me program the Robots. If you let me program them I can guarantee the Pedophile will never hurt a child after he has had one session with a Pedophile Robot! I would not be surprised if the people who came up with this idea are themselves Pedophiles. I thought the idea of Trans-Gender bathrooms was bad, but Pedophile Robots really takes the cake.

    In my opinion there are only three ways to stop Pedophiles, 1. Life in prison.
    2. Castration or 3. The death penalty. One problem with Life in Prison is that the general public will end up footing the bill. One problem with castration is the Pedophile may want to seek revenge. And the one problem with the Death Penalty is that our legal system has too many flaws and loopholes, however if a Pedophile knows he would face the Death Penalty if he is caught, they would think twice. If we do not send a serious message out to the Pedophiles to let them know that they will pay a price, far greater then money if they even so much as touch one of our Children or Grandchildren, then this problem will only get worse.

    Since our laws do not detour Pedophiles, those of us who are not Pedophiles, must make our voices heard and our intentions known. Make no mistake, don’t you dare to even think about touching a single child, because if you touch a child that I know, and I find out about it, win or lose I will be looking for you!

    • Samantha

      Definitely AGREED!!!!!!