Should “Child Sex Robots” Be Available To Pedophiles?

Norway customs officials showcase one of the dolls seized at Oslo Airport [Norway Customs Administration]

Scandinavian experts are urging the use of realistic sex dolls created to look like children in a bid to stop pedophiles from abusing real victims. Ads for the dolls on the Dark Web boast that they look like “real human children” as young as age five, and are “soft as a human body.”

Police have spoken out against the dolls, saying that people who buy them run the risk of abusing real children in the future. Norwegian cops revealed that they impounded more than 20 of the child-like sex dolls, which are banned in Norway, during the past six months.

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Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service says those who have ordered the dolls are men aged between 18 and 60, some of whom have been convicted of sex crimes against kids.

In an open letter to the Norwegian authorities, the Sexpo Foundation in Finland argues that the dolls could act as a deterrent. Sexpo executive director Tommi Paalanen writes:

Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires. Sex dolls are one such channel. A person who uses a lot of money and effort to purchase the doll has already made the decision that he wants to carry out the sexual tendency. Therefore, it is important that the customs authorities or others concerned about the sex dolls actors do not hamper their availability.”

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In January, The Sun revealed how almost two dozen people have now been arrested on suspicion of owning child sex dolls.

What do you think? Would the use of a childlike sex doll make someone more or less likely to attempt to act out their desires on real children?

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Main photo: Norway customs officials showcase one of the dolls seized at Oslo Airport [Norway Customs Administration]



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