Mother And Son Say The Law Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Incestuous Relationship

CLOVIS, NM — A New Mexico mother and son who fell in love after meeting each other for the first time 18 years after the son was given up for adoption have pleaded guilty to incest — but insist that the law will not keep them apart.

Monica Mares, 37, and Caleb Peterson, 20, were arrested in February 2016 after a neighbor alerted police to their incestuous relationship.

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As jury selection for a trial began on Wednesday, the pair accepted a plea deal that would give them three years of probation each. They are also required to stay away from each other for a year and a half.

Monica Mares told the Daily Mail that she is “madly in love” with her son, who she gave up for adoption after giving birth to him at just age 16. They were reunited in 2015 after getting in touch through Facebook.

She said, “He is the love of my life, and I don’t want to lose him. My kids love him, my whole family does. Nothing can come between us — not courts, or jail, nothing.” She has eight other children, but said she would risk going to jail — and giving up the right to see her other kids — to continue the relationship with her son.

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Mares told reporters that when Peterson moved in with her, she felt a motherly love toward the teen that eventually turned sexual. They began a relationship. She explained that she decided to speak to the British publication in order to increase public acceptance for Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA).

After neighbors alerted authorities, Mares and Peterson were arrested in February 2016. Peterson said he would wait for his mother if she did end up serving a jail sentence.

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  • Martha Bartha

    Incest is best, put your Mother to the Test!

    • Rixanne

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    • Charo the CharChar

      Omfg. She was obviously joking people. It’s put your brother to the test.

      • Martha Bartha

        Oh Brother!😱

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  • polliwogg

    I hope they removed any children living with her.

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  • adam gregory

    Alrighty, this women is screwed in the head and has probably been abused herself growing up. She said she is not incest (I know, not the King’s grammar), but in fact she is committing it. Her Son will never have another normal relationship after this. Nor will she. Someone needs to step in. Not with legal action, but with mental health services. Sounds like a perfect family for Dr. Phil to exploit.

  • Marvin Barry Cohen

    My wife and I have nine (9) children. Four are daughters In my eyes and my heart my daughters are stunningly beautiful. And, many young males have called to be with them over the years. Two of them are married, one is now divorced and one has wished to remain single. My comment is this. I have never felt anything but the love a dad has for his children. The idea of anything but love as daughter and dad is revolting to think about. This entire story has revulsion in my way of thinking. Maybe I am a prude with no understanding.

    • Samantha

      You are no prude. This situation is ludicrous. Definitely mental health issues on both ends. Sad sad story for everyone involved especially her remaining children.

      • Marvin Barry Cohen

        What I figured out, since they did not even meet until he pretty much passed puberty and their age is close to each other (17 Years) they could not or would not bond as mother and child. It is still a dirty situation which I would never accept as justification.

  • Patrick Bonacoscia

    The poor man has been manipulated since early childhood by his mother. She just want him to become her husband, and this at the price of her son’s health and well being. So selfish and disgusting!

  • Dtm6678

    Garbage humans of the 1st degree