“Serial” Creators Announce Their New True-Crime Podcast: “S-Town”

S-Town/NPR [promotional image]

In 2014, Serial, a true-crime podcast spun off from the National Public Radio series This American Life, revolutionized its medium and became a one of the year’s most talked-about pop culture sensations.

Over the course of Serial’s two award-winning seasons, host and cocreator Sarah Koenig captivated listeners worldwide via Serial’s innovative reporting and storytelling in regard to a pair of horrifically compelling crimes. Episodes of the show have been downloaded well over 100 million times.

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Now Serial’s other creator, Julia Snyder, has announced she’ll return with S-Town, a new true-crime podcast that debuts on Monday, March 28. All seven episodes will be released at once, so get ready to binge-listen.

The Serial team, also behind the new S-Town: (from left) Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder, Dana Chivvis, Emily Condon, and Ira Glass

The Serial team that’s also behind the new S-Town: (from left) Sarah Koenig, Julia Snyder, Dana Chivvis, Emily Condon, and Ira Glass [Wikipedia]

S-Town focuses on accusations against a wealthy and powerful Alabama family, one member of which, it’s alleged, has bragged about getting away with murder.

The show came to be after a man simply called “John” contacted This American Life for help on blowing the whistle on what he claims is a homicidal scandal.

And, yes, the title S-Town reportedly gets explained early on.

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Julia Snyder herself will host S-Town, along with This American Life producer Brian Reed. Sarah Koenig is serving as an editorial advisor, as is TAL‘s Ira Glass and other members of the original team.

Of the new series, Snyder says:

“S-Town is totally different from anything I’ve heard before. Since we first announced the series, I’ve seen a lot of speculation that we’re doing a ‘true crime’ show, but I don’t think that does S-Town justice. It’s just a story that goes beyond any expectations.”

You can listen to a preview of S-Town here. Then good luck not doing your own frantic investigation for any other details and tidbits about the show for the next two weeks!

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Main image: S-Town/NPR [promotional image]

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