Teen Gets Arrested, Asks Dad To Take Her Picture In Handcuffs To Post On Facebook

Josephine Garczynski [Sheboygen County Sheriff's Office]

SHEBOYGAN, WI — A Wisconsin teen accused of arranging an armed robbery on Facebook allegedly asked her father to snap a few photos of her in handcuffs while she was being arrested so she could post them on the social-media site.

Josephine Garczynski, 18, and her boyfriend, Curtis Britton, 27, both of Sheboygan, were charged Wednesday with armed robbery as a party to a crime. The incident began on March 5 when, according to a criminal complaint obtained by MySheboygan.com, Garczynski chatted online with a guy she knew and arranged to “meet and hang out.

But when the unnamed victim got into Garczynski’s car, Britton jumped into the back and held a gun to the man’s head — then allegedly stole his wallet and cell phone.

Though Garczynski used the Facebook alias “Josephine King,” investigators were able to locate her at her father’s home.

She stated her intent was to take [the victim’s] stuff,” according to the criminal complaint. “She said she was trying to set him up and said she had $250 that she wanted to buy weed from him … However, Josephine stated her intent was not to pay, but rather to steal the marijuana and ultimately sell it to make money.”

Garczynski was then placed under arrest and asked if she could put on a bra, according to the criminal complaint. When officers accompanied her to a bathroom, she reportedly started singing “Free Josephine,” and then asked her father to snap a few photos of her being handcuffed because, the complaint statesShe said she wanted to put the photos on Facebook.” No word on whether her father complied.

If convicted of armed robbery as a party to a crime, a felony, Garczynski and Britton face up to 40 years in prison.

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Main photo: Josephine Garczynski [Sheboygen County Sheriff’s Office]

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