The 5 Most Common Murderer Names: Did Yours Make the List?

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Linda Rosenkrantz, the cocreator of the baby-naming website Nameberry and the author of 10 books about the nature of names, dug deep into U.S. criminal records to come up with a list of the five most common monikers among convicted U.S. murderers. Here it is:

1. Alan

2. Harold 

3. Russell 

4. Daniel 

5. Justin

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What’s a little shocking is that the names themselves are so un-shocking. Also, “Wayne” really seems like it should be up there, doesn’t it?

Rosenkrantz also studied the names of people arrested state-by-state. The most common name to get popped by the cops is Jeremy.

Some nicknames turn up on police blotters most regularly, as well: Johnny, Randy, Bobby, Willie, Terry, Billy.

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The roster of criminal names with records in more than one state is topped by Juan, Jeremy, Jesse, Lawrence, Scott, Justin, Kyle, and Joshua, followed by two female monikers: Melissa and Theresa.

If those are the names our most prolific lawbreakers go by, it should be interesting to witness what happens in the years ahead after what Rosenkratz says is a hot trend among American baby names this year: names with violent themes.

That list consists of: Blade, Colt, Danger, Gunner, and Lethal.

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